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Sea World sees birth of bottlenose dolphin

Sea World welcomed its newest resident this past Saturday at 3:32 p.m., a 40 pound bottlenose calf. Since the marine-themed amusement park opened in 1964, this birth marks the 80th successful dolphin delivery there. After a pregnancy that lasted the normal twelve months, the labor and birth was described as easy by experts employees of Sea World. Sadie, the proud dolphin mom is thirteen and this is her second calf, after having birthed a bottleneck in five years ago.


San Diego water usage lower by 4% in September

There is continued good news on the water conservation front in San Diego County. We all drank up and washed down less water last month, less by a respectable 4% descrease, than during September last year. In San Diego city, usage fell 4.2% since August 2013. In the longer term San Diego County has cut down water consumption by 20% over the past 7 years.


Gasoline prices in San Diego county lowest in almost 3 years

In what can seem like the only good news in a wash of unsettling events, the average cost of self-serve regular gasoline fell today to its lowest price since way back on December 27, 2011. President Obama was still in his first term, gearing up for the election campaign of 2012 and gas cost $3.57 in San Diego County. After a drop of 1.9 cents, that’s what gas costs today.


Commercial fish farm coming off San Diego coast

Despite having legal control and access to a almost 3 billions acres of ocean, well more than any other nation in the world, the U.S. imports 91% of the seafood consumed here. One reason is that there are no offshore fishing farms in any of that vast expanse of ocean. A solution to this situation is being proposed by Hubbs-SeaWorld. They plan to construct a floating fish farm 4.5 miles out from Mission Beach.


King Tut replicas visit Museum of Natural History

Following stops in museums in such locales as Seoul, Amsterdam, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Munich, and Prague, the eagerly-anticipated exhibition of “The Discovery of King Tut” arrived at Balboa Park’s San Diego Natural History Museum last Saturday.

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