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San Diego State will open branches in Republic of Georgia

SDSU will be opening three campuses in the Republic of Georgia soon. In partnership with three Georgian colleges: Ilia State University, Tbilisi State University and Georgian Technical University; San Diego State will be overseeing branches concentrating on math, technology, science and engineering.


California Coastal Commission approves closing of La Jolla’s Children’s Pool Beach from December to May to protect seal pups

A plan of the San Diego City Council involving barring people from the very popular Children’s Pool Beach in La Jolla was passed by the California Coastal Commission last Thursday. The approval allows the city to close the beach from December 15 to May 15, what is known as the pupping season for harbor seals.


Movie Review: The Giver

I was never exposed to the controversial novel of Lois Lowry and I learned about the movie, “The Giver,” at the 20th Century Fox press conference at Comic-Con this year.


Weekly Movie Update

Hey everyone. It’s time for our movie line up for this weekend. School will be starting soon, and summer is near its end. A perfect way to end the season are to watch awesome movies with your friends or even by yourself. Here is a list we compiled for you to choose from.


I-5 widening, extensive North County coastal transportation plan approved

The California Coastal Commission, meeting at the Catamaran Resort in Pacific Beach all this week, has approved, without a dissenting vote, a 6.5 billion dollar, large-scale plan to improve and expand transportation in the North County coastal area of San Diego County.

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