The Bachelor: What are Nick and Vanessa’s plans now?

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After one of the most dramatic seasons of the Bachelor thus far, Nick finally proposed and Vanessa accepted. But, what is next in store for the engaged couple after this heartfelt proposal? The couple decided to flee to LA together, but unfortunately their relationship might already be strained.

Since Vanessa is a Canadian from Montreal and Nick is from Milwaukee in Wisconsin, their distance was a challenging hurdle for the two to discuss throughout the season. Vanessa didn’t seem like she wanted to move from Canada, however, she recently revealed that she didn’t mind moving. In fact, Vanessa and Nick are moving to Los Angeles, a location they’ve both never lived in. They’re both very excited to be living in a new environment, but most importantly living in it together. Additionally, Vanessa is already putting together a charity for people with disabilities in LA, so she is gracefully adapting to her new life.

Though moving locations wasn’t as tough decision as we expected, Vanessa admitted the hardships she’s faced so far in her relationship with Nick after being on the Bachelor. Sources shared it is difficult for Vanessa to differentiate between the Nick she dated on the Bachelor and the Nick she is with now in the real world. Even though the picture perfect marriage proposal that took place on the season finale was beautiful, the relationship definitely has room to grow. The couple decided to wait on setting a wedding date because they are still getting to know each other.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and Vanessa and Nick’s relationship hasn’t been all bad since the season finale. In fact, Vanessa and Nick talked about how they were excited for their move to Los Angeles and to finally do “normal people” things together on ‘After the Final Rose.’ They are duely excited about visiting Vanessa’s family in Montreal in the near future.

Furthermore, Nick’s future on television is not yet over. He will be starring on Dancing with the Stars in LA, and then staying there to permanently live with Vanessa. Catch Nick on DTWS this upcoming season if you didn’t get a big enough dose of him on the Bachelor this season.

The future for Nick and Vanessa’s relationship is to be determined, but we are hoping the best for them. Regardless of the possible relationship problems, they will be moving to LA together and taking on a new adventure very soon. Hopefully, Vanessa and Nick will work through the issues and enjoy their new home in the City of Angels.

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