Final Bachelor Recap: Week 11

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The final episode of the Bachelor was last night, and Nick finally found love! We were taken back to Finland, where Vanessa and Raven go on their final dates with Nick and meet his family.

At the home where Nick’s family is staying, his mom expresses her fears of Nick being heartbroken again. Nick said he had been holding himself back to try and sort through his feelings. His dad said that this process has been “excruciating” as a parent.

Raven had already met a part of Nick’s family on their first date. She met his little sister and both of his parents but got to meet the rest in Finland. Raven told Nick’s dad that she hopes for a proposal, and he said he can see the two of them together. When Nick’s mom asked Nick if he was sure about Raven, he said he’s not sure about anything and knows that there’s still a risk.

Vanessa met Nick’s family next. Nick and Vanessa talked about their relationship together with his family. She told Nick’s mom that she can’t see herself not ending up with Nick, but then said that she feels hesitant about getting engaged at the end of the show. The conversations during Vanessa’s meeting were much more serious, and Nick’s dad said that he was convinced Vanessa loves him.

Nick gets his final dates with both women before the proposal, and Vanessa got her date first. The couple rode horses through the snowy forest, up the mountains, and to a mysterious cabin. After Nick knocked on the door, Santa Claus himself invited Nick and Vanessa inside, and they told him what’s on their wish lists. Santa gave them a wrapped present, which the two unwrapped—a sign with their names on it in the shape of a heart. As is Nick and Vanessa’s fashion, they had another serious conversation about their future. After their talk, Vanessa said she feels concerned about her readiness to be engaged since Nick might have feelings for another woman.

On Raven’s last date, the pair ice skated on a frozen pond, just like their first one on one in Milwaukee when they roller skated together. Nick and Raven were playful and silly. By fireside after their skate, Nick brought three precious husky puppies to Raven’s lap. As Raven cuddled two of the pups in her arms she said, “this is officially the best day of my life.” Later in the evening, Raven said that she has no doubts or hesitations about getting engaged to Nick.

After his last two dates, Nick picked out his third ring from Neil Lane, and we saw Vanessa and Raven’s reflections on their journey to this potential proposal. Nick said that he feels no doubts about him and Raven, and all sorts of doubts with Vanessa.

Time for the proposal! Nick paced around a decorated lodge, the final rose of the season looming in the center of the room. As always, the first woman out of the limo is the one receiving no proposal—this season, it’s Raven. She told Nick again that she was in love with him, and Nick’s face was stricken with sadness as she spoke. Through tears, Nick told her that his heart was somewhere else and that he felt lucky to have known her. In the car driving away, Raven was understandably frustrated with love. She said, “why even look for something that’s not possible?” While our hearts ached for her, we then got to see Nick finally get down on one knee.

As soon as Vanessa enters the room, Nick is visibly relieved and excited. He spoke first, and more tears came as he was finally able to tell her he loved her, and “when I look at you all I see is my future.” Vanessa relaxed at his confession of love, and made it through hers gracefully before crying as Nick asked her to marry him, and she said yes!

During After the Final Rose, Chris Harrison first offers Nick his congratulations. After they talk about the journey, Raven was brought out first to talk to Nick, the first time the two saw each other after Finland. She said she wants the world for Nick, despite the heartbreak. If you tune into Bachelor in Paradise this summer, you’ll see Raven have another chance at love!

When Vanessa took the stage, she explained her journey through the show, and how she had to understand how the whole process worked. She said she had never seen a full season of the show before, and mentioned that she should’ve done some homework before becoming a member of the cast. She was smiley and happy as she expressed her feelings right after the engagement. “I’m excited for the next chapter in our life.” Nick is brought out to sit with Vanessa on the stage, and their conversation with Chris is just like their discussions during the show—very serious and intense. “We know what we have and we don’t have to prove anything to anyone,” Vanessa said. Nick said that Vanessa was very supporting of his decision to be on Dancing with the Stars, which starts next week.

Our next bachelorette took the stage at the end of the show to discuss her upcoming adventure to find love. In what Chris Harrison was calling a historic and most dramatic moment ever, Rachel was in for a surprise. Four of the men who will be vying for her heart were introduced to her out on stage. It was a little awkward, but Rachel took it in stride and was giddy and excited.

The Bachelorette airs in May, and this summer season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise airs this summer. We wish Nick and Vanessa the best in their lives together!

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