This is Us: Season Finale Recap

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Spoiler alert: The following article reveal key details of the season finale of ‘This is Us.’ Refrain from reading if you haven’t watched it yet!

After last night’s season finale of ‘This is Us,’ we were certain we would find out the mystery of Jack’s tragic fate, but leave it to [creator] Dan Fogleman to keep us guessing until Season 2. Last episode, Jack got into a car after having too much to drink and we were sure he got in a car accident that led to his death. However, he made it to the venue of Rebecca’s concert, despite his alcohol consumption, and instead sparked the biggest fight between him and Rebecca to date. Needless to say, the season finale “Moon shadow,” titled after the first song Rebecca sang in front of Jack, which was also the first time they met, was another emotionally unforgettable episode.

When Jack made it to the venue of Rebecca’s performance, he saw Ben try to kiss Rebecca, just as he expected would happen during the tour. Jack didn’t hold back and punched Ben, causing a bloody mess all over the bar and ended the rest of Rebecca’s gig. When Jack and Rebecca got back to Pittsburgh, they opened the bottled up emotions, which has been closed tight for months prior due to the infinite stress in their lives.

After the most chaotic fight between Rebecca and Jack finished and emotions somewhat subsided, Rebecca found Jack on the downstairs couch. Though the two were somewhat civil, Rebecca asked Jack to stay at Miguel’s place so they could “get some air.” Jack agreed, packed his bags, but didn’t leave before professing an endearingly heartfelt speech that put us in tears. Though Jack’s actions have been unlawful and questionable lately, he demonstrated just how much he adores her and will continue to be there for her no matter the obstacles. Not to mention, he has is one of the best Dads in the world, how could you not forgive him Rebecca?

Unfortunately, it is still not certain the manner of Jack’s death, but one can assume their marriage is not yet over even though it might be on thin ice for a while. Since Jack’s time on the show is a ticking clock, we can only hope that Jack and Rebecca are on good terms when he passes. Also, it is still questionable how Rebecca and Miguel end up together considering Jack was best friends with him? Is it possible Rebecca cheats on Jack and their marriage ends because of it?

There are so many ¬†unanswered questions to be asked and assumptions to be made. ‘This is Us’ is clearly the most frustrating emotional roller coaster on television. Unfortunately, the frustration will restlessly continue considering the long wait until season 2, which is expected to air in September. Consequentially, executive producers revealed the next season will be more upbeat and light-hearted. Stay tuned for further updates regarding ‘This is Us’ and hang tight until September.

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