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Due to all of the drama between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, we weren’t sure if/when ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ would officially come back to television, but finally the wait is over. The premiere date for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is officially on Monday August 14 at 8 pm on ABC.

An official trailer advertisement for the new season was just released on Monday’s ‘Bachelorette’ to get fans from all over the nation excited for what’s to come (more drama) this August. In the ad, a voiceover drearily said, “The sun had almost set. Summer was almost ruined,” as stormy beaches and scary creatures from the island filled the screen.

When the voiceover said, “Paradise was almost lost — until it wasn’t!,” the film switched to excited tweets from fans from all over the world, sandy beaches, and attractive people partying in paradise.

Rather than continuing to apologize about the past, the marketing department of BIP clearly decided to move on from the situation and get the viewers excited for upcoming season through this trailer. Considering Warner Bros concluded that there wasn’t any misconduct to be seen between Olympios and Jackson, it seemed like this was the best strategical move for the production company.

Make sure to tune into ABC on August 14 and 15 to watch the first episode of BIP as it will be a two-night and dramatic premiere. Even though Jackson will not be participating in the new season, we have a feeling you won’t regret it considering the cast.

Some favorites of the upcoming cast include the surprising return of Corinne Olympios, Raven Gates, Alexis Waters, Robby Hayes, Ben Zorn, and Vinny Ventiera. These previous bachelors and bachelorettes will be spending the course of six weeks together in Mexico, otherwise known as “paradise.”

Also during this season of BIP, these bachelors and bachelorettes, as well as the audience at home, will get to see the wedding of Carly Waddell and Evan Bass from season three. Obviously, we are in for an exciting season! Stay tuned.

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