Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials in 2016

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The Super Bowl isn’t just about the hype of each team battling for that Championship win, or hot wings, beer, or the half time show. A lot of people turn in for one thing: the commercials. With close to 100 million viewers, advertisers want to make a serious impression on the Super Bowl audience, whether it turns out for the best or worst.

We compiled The Top 5 Best Commercials of 2016 as well as The Top 5 Worst Commercials of 2016. The anticipation for Super Bowl LI’s 2017 will keep us on the edge of our seats.


There’s A New Money In Town

PayPal’s commercial was wildly entertaining and made us all feel excited about money.

Hyundai – Ryanville

This is one of Super Bowl’s most popular and favorite for the obvious reason: Ryan Reynolds hence “Ryanville,” Hyundai really grabbed everyone’s attention to promote their new car. Ryan-Reynolds-Vill where can we sign up?

Honda – A New Truck To Love

Honda made us all intrigued with this one for their new Ridgeline truck and delivered quite the performance.

T-Mobile – Drop the Balls

T-mobile commercial poking fun at TV Host Steve Harvey….entertaining and fun!

Doritos- Ultrasound 

Hands down of the scariest and funniest Doritos commercial ever, it was a top choice favorite for a lot of viewers.


NFL- Super Bowl Babies

This one was a little weird for a lot of reasons….promoting how babies were made on Super Bowl. Not our favorite NFL, but nice try.

Michelob Ultra – Breathe

I think a lot of us were confused when we first saw this Michelob Ultra commercial thinking it was meant for Nike or a fitness sort of app but not beer.

Mountain Dew – Puppy Monkey Baby

Even though it was funny, it honestly left a lot of us scratching out heads….like what did we just watch?

Toyota Prius – Car Chase

This one was entertaining to say the least. We watched a car chase trying to promote car sales by advising people to steal a car and get involved in a car chase isn’t the best idea. – Envy

Selling “Constipation” relief is never easy. They tried but left a lot of viewers not excited.

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