Bachelor in Paradise – Season 4 Finale

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Possibly the most emotional roller coaster ride in Bachelor in Paradise history was this season of BIP. From Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson’s sex scandal, to Dean’s twisted love triangle, there wasn’t ever a dull moment. Last night, the the shortest yet most emotional season to date came to an end and most couples said goodbye to each other.

If you haven’t watched the finale for the fourth season of BIP I recommend that you wait to read forward until after viewing it. 

On the last day in paradise, the couples had to decide whether or not to stay together, try a night together in the fantasy suite, or leave separately. For many, it was time to say goodbye. Lacey and Daniel, Jack and Christen, Jasmine and Jonathon, Diggy and Dom/Jaimi, Dean and D Lo were all of the couples who decided their relationships were only for paradise. Only a few couples were left standing and next up, was the after-the-final-rose show.

To start off the after the final rose show, Chris Harrison brought out Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, and this was the first time they had seen each other ever since the incident. Fortunately, they ended up on good terms and talked about how therapy helped their situations.

Then, what Chris Harrison called the “most uncomfortable” confrontation in BIP paradise, Dean took the stage to face his love triangle between D Lo and Kristina. For once in her life, D Lo put Dean in his place and called him out for his indecisiveness. Kristina and D Lo left on top, and Dean left rightfully embarrassed.

Luckily, the finale did end on a good note with a proposal. Derek got on one knee at the end of the finale and proposed to Taylor. Though she was sobbing, she managed to nod her head, and we are hoping for a happily ever after love story for the couple.

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