Tips for Driving in the Rain

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Californians are not the best drivers when it comes to rainy days, but hey it’s not our fault we have close to 300 sunny days a year!

The recent storms have caused quite a mess on the roads for daily commuters but rest assured we have a few tips that can make sure to keep you all safe out there.


It isn’t worth it to speed during the rain because it’s dangerous and you can put yourself in a bad situation quickly. It is best to maintain a cautious speed of 50mph or less on the highway and keep a good distance between you and fellow drivers.


Flooding is a common occurrence when we get heavy rain and sometimes it may be hard to see puddles on the road which causes road conditions to be a tad dangerous if you’re paying attention. Most people’s first reaction is to BREAK when you start hydro planing, don’t do this. The best thing to do is drive it out and take your foot off of the accelerator to slow down vs. slamming on your breaks.


Rain makes everything on the road more slick, so having bald tires will cause havoc. If you know it is going to be a rainy weekend be sure to check out the baldness of your tires and get them ready for safe driving conditions.


It is a good idea to maintain a safe breaking distance between you and the car in front of you, it is suggested to have 2 car lengths in front of you because the condition makes you need more breaking distance. If you see someone unmindful and speeding, steer clear of them on the road.


We all know it is illegal to text and drive but it makes for a big mess on the roads in the rain, just don’t do it. Things happen so quickly and no text is worth getting into an accident. Save it for when you get to your destination or pulled over.

This tip and the ones stated above may seem like common sense, but being on the roads the last couple of days proved a lot of us still don’t abide by these. Remember to be a defensive and safe driver. Be safe on the roads everyone!

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