Coming Soon: A Dog’s Purpose

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If you prefer a dog’s tail in your face to feather pillows and somehow think the smell of “wet dog” is sweet, “A Dogs Purpose,” might be the movie for you. As January comes to a close, the doors of local movie theaters in San Diego open this coming January 27th, 2017 for this anticipated yet tear wrenching film.

Based on the New York Times bestseller book by American humorist W. Bruce Cameron, this film tells a tale of one particular dog from birth to death. The dog is then reincarnated into other dog breeds with new and diverse owners. Through each experience, the dog finds his purpose and makes sense of his past by connecting with his various owners.

After watching the trailer below, you will notice ” A Dog’s Purpose”  is to “lick and love” and this movie will probably result in water works.


The cast and director are highly praised and also make this movie a must-see. Some of the actors featured in this fantasy/drama film are Dennis Quaid, Britt Robertson, and Peggy Lipton. Additionally, the voice of the main character and dog is actor Josh Gad. The director is Lasse Hallstrom, who directed other movies such as Safe Haven (2013) and Casanova (2005).

Furthermore, “A Dogs Purpose” is a family friendly movie. It is PG and the trailer noticeably illustrated scenes with fun-loving family and friendships. Consequently, seeing this movie out in the theaters may result in a special family outing full of laughter and appreciation for your best companion patiently waiting at home for you.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any dog friendly movie theaters in San Diego, but make sure to mark your calendar for this movie because it is recognizably a must see. You and I both know that Gus or Buddy will undoubtedly wait for it to come out on dvd, so you can watch it at home with him eventually, too.

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