Storms End Drought in Much of Northern California

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If you’re a California resident, it is no shock to hear about the severe drought we all were in a few months ago. With the recent storms, the snow and rain that have pummeled California in recent days which is helping to eliminate the drought in certain parts of Northern California.

California is finally going to get a bit of relief with these active storm patterns. If these storms continue through the next couple of months, substantial drought relief is a huge possibility. It will likely take multiple wet seasons to completely replenish our reservoirs and ground water to end our drought.

How Much Drought Improvement?

As expected, drought conditions improved substantially over the last week in California.

“Northern California has seen drought conditions improve since the beginning of October and the drought has finally been erased for much of northern California as of Jan. 10, 2017. This is the first time since Dec. 20, 2011 that all areas north of Interstate 80 in California are completely out of drought.” as mentioned by The Weather Channel. This is nothing but good news for Northern California as we have been hearing nothing but severe drought for months.

Drought monitor as of January 10, 2017. (United States Drought Monitor )


We can definitely use the rain all over California so this improvement is welcomed by residents in the state.  A lot of central California and certain areas of So Cal saw some drought conditions recover a bit from the recent storms, Southern California and Central California have even dropped in drought categories which is leaving residents thankful for the rain.

It is definitely a noticed improvement from last years drought category of 44.84 percent of California was in the exceptional category which is the highest on the scale from the U.S. Drought Monitor. Good news for Californians as of Jan. 10, only 2.13 percent remains in the exceptional category! So let’s keep embracing the rain shall we? We do need to practice better driving on the roads and perhaps invest in an umbrella!


Not only has the winter storm brought the much needed water to our state but has brought lots of snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, which has attracted a lot of visitors to see the snow and take part in snowboarding or skiing.

“Abundant snow this season in the Sierra Nevada mountain range helped boost the snowpack in California.  Last week, Winter Storm Helena brought heavy snow to parts of the West, including the Sierra Nevada mountains, where 56 inches was reported at Boreal and Soda Springs.” So with the welcomed snow grab the sleds, the fam, and go build a snowman!

The National Weather Service in Reno said that this was the biggest snowstorm to hit the Sierra in six years.

So far this winter there has been close to 200 inches in snowfall in the Sierra Mountain Ranges which has made driving conditions rough, but worth the drive to be able to frolick in the beautiful white scenery. It has helped increase traffic for ski resorts as well. It has been an actual winter for Californians which has been welcomed openly.

“However, as of Monday, the snow water equivalent is above average in the Sierra. Snow water equivalent refers to the amount of water contained in the snowpack.” “The map above indicates how much above or below normal the snow water equivalent is for Jan. 12. Much of the West is experiencing near to above-average snow water equivalent.” According to the California Cooperative Snow Surveys



There are 3 storms hitting San Diego this Thursday through Sunday with possible warnings of flash flooding and snow to hit the mountains, if you or loved ones are headed to the mountains this weekend be sure to buy chains if you do not own a 4wheel drive vehicle. It will make for a fun weekend getaway!

“In what could be the wettest stretch of weather the region has seen since 2010, meteorologists predict that 2 to 4 inches of rain will fall along the coast, 3 to 5 inches will drench inland valleys and 5 to 10 inches will reach the mountains, with a foot or more of snow on the tallest peaks.” said Gary Robbins of the Union Tribune.

Californians can breathe easy knowing their state’s drought is coming to a close end and with all the rain from the storms has helped replenish the vegetation and local lakes. Embrace this weekend’s predicted storms with a nice cup of hot cocoa with the family and enjoy a nice movie day.

For more weather updates please check out The Weather Channel

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