Cold and Rainy Weather Activities To Keep You Sane

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The winter months can be rough for native San Diegans who are used to having 70 degree weather 90% of the time. But alas, here we are in February and rain storms are viciously brewing.

What to do when it’s cold & breezy, but dry in San Diego

For afternoons when the sky is clear, but the air is brisk, finding places where you can enjoy the breeze without freezing is key. Around San Diego there are restaurants and other open spaces to keep you warm, without staying cooped up in your house.

Liberty Station

Photo Credit: Vaya, Flickr-Creative Commons

On the North side of Liberty Station, right outside Moniker General and across from the Public Market, there’s a giant public fire pit with couches surrounding it. Call up a few friends and meet at the Public Market, walk around and pick your favorite meal to go. Cuddle on the couches for a night of laughter and reminiscing besides the fire. Who said you needed to go camping to have some good old fashioned fun around a fire pit?

Jacuzzi Time

There’s something about stepping into hot water when there’s chill in the air that just can’t be matched. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to have a jacuzzi in our backyard, BUT local hotels do. Buy a day pass for as low as $15 to nearby hotels and enjoy their jacuzzi, bar services, gym facilities, and restaurants. Bring your laptop to work indoors by a luxurious window seat, and end the work day with a relaxing dip in the spa with an umbrella dressed drink in hand.

What to do when it’s wet in San Diego

And then there are unbearable days, where even the sky is crying! A little dramatic? Yes. But there tends to be two types of people: those who love the rain, and those who can’t stand it. No matter which side of the fence you stand, we have some suggestions for you.

Games & Hookah

Art Hookah in Downtown San Diego has a killer happy hour from 3-7 PM with $12 hookah.

Photo Credit: iluvgadgets – Flickr, Creative Commons

They also offer a discount on their unique “art hookah” blends, which include fresh fruit and top-notch tobacco. Pick from their selection of board games and keep warm with your favorite hookah flavor, coffee, tea, and a glass of wine. The atmosphere is typically quiet and serene, offering a peaceful place to unwind and escape from the rain.

Rain Fun With The Kiddos

Kids love the rain! It makes for a new experience and there’s more opportunity to get messy. Why not channel their curiosity into a time of learning and creativity? The New Children’s Museum has a long-standing exhibit called The Rain House that’s the perfect place for your kids to hear the rain bounce off of tin roofs and even give them the opportunity to “create rain” themselves. If the rain happens to fall on a Sunday, the museum offers $3 admission on “Target Days”— the second Sunday of every month. Take the mess of dirty shoes and clothes out of your house, and let your kids go wild as they mosey through this fun exhibit.

When it Pours & Pours…

Invite some friends over and have a BYO-Pour of your favorite kind! Have each person bring a bottle of their favorite beverage and have a tasting party. Let the pouring of the rain serve as inspiration to have a few pours of your own. Add a few appetizers, put in a classic movie, and turn “rainy nights” into a new excuse to throw a party.

We hope this helps give you hope that the world is not over when the next few waves of thunder and clouds roll into town.

Katrina is an OBcean that spends her time drinking quality coffee and engaging in the community that she lives in.

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