Rainy Day Activities

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It’s the first official day of spring, however, the skies are grey and storms are brewing in San Diego. Instead of the sunny and 70-degree conditions we experienced this past weekend, we are expected to face heavy rain conditions and vicious thunderstorms for the rest of the week. Hopefully, this will be Mother Nature’s last big outbreak before flowers begin to blossom and beach days become routine. Until then, San Diego Entertainer has some helpful suggestions to get you through this painful weather streak.

Experience a Luxury Theater

If you haven’t experienced a luxury movie theater yet, you are missing out on the ultimate movie-going experience. The comfiest chairs, gourmet food service, and finest alcoholic beverages are just some of the essential ingredients that make the experience unique. In San Diego, the best luxury movie theater locations are The Lot, Cinepolis, and Angelika Film Center. There is no better way to spend a rainy day than going to the movies, so go see Beauty and the Beast and make the most of San Diego’s rainy week.

Seize Your Day by Going to The La Jolla Birch Aquarium

Another way to get out of the rain while still enjoying yourself, is going to the La Jolla Birch Aquarium where you have the opportunity to view over 5,000 fish in over 60 exhibits. Additionally, there is a museum that includes cutting-edge research from the UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography and overlooks the vast blue ocean. It’s open 9 pm-5 pm daily, and there is 3-hour parking available in the Birch Aquarium lot.

The Best Food Outings Fit For a Rainy Day: Pho, Ramen, Warm Noodles

Nothing sounds better than a bowl of warm soup, noodles, or ramen when the clouds shield the skies. Fulfill your craving of a bowl of something comforting and warm and try Tajima Ramen House, Underbelly, or OB Noodle House and Sake Bar. At these restaurants, you can expect warm platters covered in noodles with diverse spices and bowls filled with delectable ramen and pho. If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere, OB Noodle House is my personal favorite equip with a wide selection of craft beer and an original Peanut Butter Jameson shot that is to die for.

Winter Activities You Can’t Get Enough of: Big Bear, Ice Skating

Since the current weather conditions reflect winter weather, it seems right to embrace winter themed activities. If you still are unsure of your spring break plans, plan a trip to Big Bear and experience inner tube parks full of snow and swimming in the lakes starting April 1. If you would rather have a more simple family outing during the day, go to one of the various ice skating rinks in San Diego. For example, there are indoor rinks located at UTC mall and the San Diego Ice Arena so you can keep out of the rain.

Get Active: Rock Climbing

Last but not least, go rock climbing with friends and family to escape the weather and stay indoors. Mesa Rim and Climbing Center, Vertical Hold Climbing Gym, and Solid Rock Gym are just some of the best locations to go rock climbing. Mesa Rim is the biggest climbing gym in San Diego and even offers daily yoga classes to it’s members.

Though it is unfortunate that Mother Nature teased us with beautiful weather this weekend, there are many ways to enjoy San Diego by staying active and embracing the cold. Grab your umbrella, rain boots, and stay strong during this dark time. Spring will come, eventually!

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