Prepping Your House For the Big Storm

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The clouds are quickly moving in to cover our sunny San Diego skies, for what seems like eternity to any local. NBC San Diego explains that it’s a trio of storms starting late Wednesday night, with a possibility of lasting until Tuesday morning. They are predicting 2-4 inches of rain along the coast, 3-5 inches in the valley, and 5-10 inches in the mountains with a likelihood of snow at higher elevations. With that much rain and not a clue what to do (let’s face it, what Californian does know what to do?), we are here to help with some tips to prep your home for the showers of this week.

Clean Your Rain Gutters

If it’s been awhile since you last looked at your rain gutters, it might behoove you to take a look outside. Fall produces a mass amount of leaves and tree branches that can back up your rain gutters, making their use less than desirable. If the rain doesn’t have a place to go, it can end up flowing back to the roof and walls of your home. According to The Rain Gutter Specialists, this can create cracks that can eventually cause leaking and molding in your home. It’s worth it to take a few minutes to get those gutters clean before the worst of the storm is upon us.

Prepare For Guests

No one likes to be outside in the rain, at least not for long. Rainy days offer the perfect opportunity to invite friends over for a large pot of hearty chili and a game of Exploding Kittens. Get your house ready for guests with an indoor rug that can handle the grime while soaking up the moisture, a floor shelf that can contain their muddy shoes, and hangers to keep those wet jackets off of your furniture. By taking precautionary steps when your guests first arrive, you will lower the collateral damage of mud and dirt seeping into your floors and carpet. Enjoy your time with family and friends, rather than worrying about what the rain brought in.

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Exterior Inspection

Sometimes we can forget the wear and tear that happens on a house over time, because we don’t see the damage on a daily basis. Rainy days tend to show each small crack, loose roof tile, and cracked window sealant that you didn’t even know was there. To protect your house against one of the most common costly damages, make sure your windows are properly sealed, rotten shingles are replaced, and any small cracks in your ceiling are covered. Do you live at the bottom of a hill? You may want to stack sandbags along the side of your house to help control the direction of the water and prevent it from seeping through sliding doors. It is significantly harder to fix these small issues after the rain has made its way in, so take precaution.
No matter what part of the county you are in, we hope that you and your home are safe and dry throughout this next week.

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