The planets align and bring everyone good fortune

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It’s time to get out and buy those lotto tickets because the next couple of weeks are said to be extremely lucky.

Starting on January 7th and lasting until the first week of February, all of the major planets in our solar system will be moving in direct motion. This means that they will all be moving forward in the same way, being more balanced, synchronized and harmonized than at any other point in their orbit cycles.

While this orbital movement will not be visible to the naked eye, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from the positive energy that will accompany it. During this time, it is said that people will experience immense fortune and opportunity. It marks the beginning of a time to go your own way, and to be presented with an abundance of wealth and power along the way.

While some people may experience an up rise in wealth and fortune during the planetary alignment, others may experience an extreme amount of luck during this time.

The stars and planets allow all long-held aspirations and personal dreams to be fulfilled in 2017. While you may have to build the courage to be brave and take a leap of faith, the Cosmos will be in your favor and will reward you for your boldness.

Whatever you may be involved in, astrologers agree that positive outcomes and good fortune will come to whatever you are included in.

For those who don’t strike rich in money or fame, the next few weeks will still be positive and smooth sailing. Use the next couple of weeks to make any major lifestyle changes you have been dreading, or implement new habits so that the planets can kick your year off to a good start.

This short period of time will be your time to shine, and will be the luckiest you’ve been all year. Use this good luck charm to your advantage.

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