How to Make Car Rides Easier for Your Dog

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Some dogs get very skittish when they need to hop in the car. This can be for a few reasons, namely, they’re not used to the experience, or they’ve had a negative experience of driving in the car. There are ways to make car rides with your dog easier and keep them calm, relaxed, and safe while you’re driving around town.

Destination Anxiety

Many times, when we have to take our dog in the car, it’s for the purpose of taking them to the vet’s office for a checkup. Our dogs are smart enough to catch on to the pattern, and they’ll learn to associate getting into the car with having to go to the vet. They hate going to the doctor as much as anyone, so giving them some alternative destinations will relieve them of car-related stress.

Offer Some Fun Destinations

Your dog will love getting in the car if that means taking them to dog parks or dog-friendly beaches. Give them some time outside – try a nature preserve to walk around in and explore. After some time, they’ll be jumping to get into the car for their next walk.

Prevent Motion Sickness

Just like hating doctor visits, dogs also can experience motion sickness—just like us. There are a number of ways to help your dog cope with motion sickness in the car:

  • Keep the inside at a cool temperature.
  • Lower the windows to let in fresh air.
  • Limit how much food and water your dog gets before a car ride.

The Car Itself May Be Making Them Sick

Due to some factors your car may be jostling your dog, causing them to experience motion sickness and possibly making them scared. This can happen if your tires are too worn or your suspension is a bit faulty. If this is the case, then for the sake of both your dog and your car, you may need new tires, a wheel alignment or some sort of service. Be sure to get your vehicle checked out regularly.

Have Them Burn Up Some Energy

Before heading out to wherever you and your dog need to go, have them play out in the yard for about 20 or 30 minutes. Let them run around and play and get them to tire themselves out on their own. Having them burn off this excess energy will mean they’ll be calmer in the car and be more inclined to take a nap than to jump around and panic.

Habituate Them To Car Rides

The more your dog is exposed to the car, the more they’ll become accustomed to it. Driving regularly to go to a new dog park or other walking places, or visiting friends are reliable ways on how to make car rides with your dog easier.

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