What You Need to Know about Traveling with Your Dog

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Many pet parents assume that traveling with their dogs is difficult or even impossible. Some believe they have to pack loads of stuff, while others see their pups as an additional responsibility in what should be a relaxing trip.

The truth is taking your four-legged best friend along can make any family trip more amazing and memorable for everyone, that is, if you take time planning carefully. Bringing your furry friend on your travel adventures is not as frustrating as you might think. We’ve rounded up some of the best travel tips we’ve learned so that you can finally bring your pooch with you on your next escapade.

Do a health check

Depending on the length of your trip, consider bringing him first to the veterinarian to see if he’s fit enough to go on an extended trip. His vaccinations should be up-to-date, and make sure to bring shot records with you. If you’re flying with your pet, make sure to bring health certifications, as these are regularly checked upon arrival.

Keep his head inside

When traveling in a car, keep your dog in a carrier for his safety. Allowing your pooch to stick his head out of the window can injure his eyes or make him sick due to the cold air entering their lungs. It’s essential to keep them inside a carrier so that they won’t bounce and hurt themselves during the trip. You can secure a seat belt around the carrier for better security. Never place your pet alone in the back of a pickup truck.

Be considerate of the people around you

No matter where you bring your dog, always be respectful and honest with the people around you. Some people love being around dogs, while others may be scared of them. If you’re traveling to another country, learn the cultural norms of the country. For instance, in Guatemala, street dogs are more prevalent than pets. Additionally, if your pet is aggressive around strangers or other dogs, make sure to warn anyone approaching. Be a responsible owner anytime, anywhere.

Do not leave your pet alone in a car

Heat is a critical hazard—with an 85-degree Fahrenheit temperature outside, even if the car windows are slightly opened, the temperature inside your car can reach more than 100 degrees in just 10 minutes. Make sure to never leave your dog alone.

Have fun and make friends

Dogs are social creatures, so as long as you’re out for a fun trip, take the opportunity to walk around dog-friendly destinations to befriend other dogs and their parents. The best way to do this is you take your pup out for a stroll around the area or visit a dog park where you and your pooch can exercise and have fun.

Pack your dog’s essentials

In addition to the usual items you’d bring with you when traveling, here are some dog travel essentials:

  • Food & drinking water
  • Collapsible travel bowls
  • Collar and leash
  • First aid kit
  • Poop bags and/or scooper
  • Crate or travel carrier
  • Treats

Your dog may get uncomfortable while traveling, so make sure to bring his comfort items like his favorite toys or beddings to maintain a certain level of familiarity.

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