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This Weekend in San Diego 10/20-10/22

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The weekend is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning your adventures. From exciting brunches to pumpkin time festivities, this weekend is embracing the season of fall, and it’s time to take advantage of what this city has to offer.

If you’re a sports fan and love being outside while celebrating the athletic community, the Extreme San Diego Kiteboard Invitational is the perfect event for you, on October 20th starting at 10am. Come see some of the best athletes in the world compete in a 4 day competition that will make your heart beat with excitement. You won’t want to miss the excitement that comes with watching fierce completion on the water, and being able to be outside on a beautiful Friday afternoon. The event runs along side the Extreme Sailing Series, also happening this weekend on the bay.

Spend your weekend with the La Jolla Playhouse Thursday through Sunday at the Without Walls Festival. The festival makes “the city takes center stage…in vibrant, interactive experiences from the San Diego waterfront to greater Logan Heights.” The event website calls one of the exhibits, Model Home, “an urban performative intervention situated in downtown San Diego, anchored by a large construction crane hoisting a brightly colored, archetypal house, high up in the air.” The installation is designed to reflect the changing dynamics of a city and asks the question”what makes a home?”. Performances include a “crane ballet” which happen throughout the day. Exact performances are listed on the event website.

If the environment is important to you, you can spend your Saturday with the I Love a Clean San Diego at the 15th annual clean up event. Located at Rice Canyon at Discovery Park, you can be a part of the program that has planted over 100 trees and removed a significant amount of trash and pollution to the area. Help make San Diego beautiful again at Beautify Chula Vista. Make a difference and make your city proud on your Saturday morning.

Enjoy your free tour of the 1887 Villa Montezuma Museum this Saturday at 9am. These guided tours are a special treat for the San Diego locals as they enjoy this unique museum that is owned by the city. This historical landmark holds a special place in the importance of the development of San Diego, and is important to the heritage of our beloved city.

Embrace the month of October and start your Halloween a little early with the an adventure that takes you to the 100 year old Campo Train Depot where it is said to be haunted. The Pumpkin Train is a 45-minute detour that takes you through the back country of San Diego. At the end of your scary ride you can decorate pumpkins and be creative with your designs as you and your friends get competitive with who can create the best Jack O’ Lantern. Learn about the railroads and the hauntings that come along with it as you embark on this unique and exhilarating journey. Trains depart from the Campo Depot at 10am, 12:15pm, and 2:30pm.

Discover over 80 artists from around the country who are coming to San Diego to showcase their talent at the 12th Annual Coronado Art Walk on Saturday or Sunday. Starting at 10am you can explore original art pieces and meet the artists behind the craft. There will also be live music for you to enjoy as you are soaking in all of the creative pieces around you. Enjoy your day exploring and discovering new ways to be creative, while embracing your love for art at the same time.

Most can agree that brunch is the most important meal of the day, and now you can indulge in this tasty meal with your furry friend on a cruise right here in San Diego. The Bow Wow Brunch Cruise puts a twist on the usual champagne brunch and allows you to being your pet along with you. Enjoy a buffet, dessert, and your pup on the harbor for a delicious meal and a great time. You and your whole family can enjoy a family outing and bring along your four legged friend who will show nothing but excitement since they’ve probably never been able to be a part of brunch before.

Enjoy your busy and exciting weekend in San Diego!

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