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Museums to Visit During the Holidays

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As December begins to come to a close, many people will find themselves with time off during the holidays to spend with family. If you’re looking for something fun to do during this time, consider visiting some of the museums here in San Diego. San Diego has a wide range of museums available to visit, and all can bring excitement and wonder. Here are some great museums to check out during the holidays.

USS Midway Museum

Something of an unconventional museum in the traditional sense, visiting this museum allows you to step aboard one of the longest-serving Navy aircraft carriers of the 20th century. Stepping aboard will instantly have you in awe of the sheer size of the ship, and have you forgetting you visiting a museum in the first place. On board, you will get to experience and learn about the 50 years of history this carrier has, and it’s role in our nations Navy. Check out exhibits on what life was like living in the crew’s quarters, see how the engine room works, and even get insight on how ship pilots would steer this massive ship in open water when visiting the control room. In addition, there are plenty of family-friendly activities that are great for all ages, including a flight simulator, short films, and interactive exhibits. Tickets range from $8-$18, and comes with a self-guided audio tour of the entire ship.

San Diego Natural History Museum

Also known as The Nat, this museum is a must-see in San Diego. Located in the historic Balboa Park, this museum showcases the many wonders of the natural world, and offers a wide range of incredible exhibits. With Unshelved, the museum is offering a rare glimpse of the museums storage area, where rare and unique specimens hardly seen by the public will be out on display. With the Cerutti Mastadon Discovery exhibit, check out perfectly preserved mastodon bones, and see that they were potentially modified by humans, changing the way we view the history of our species. At the Coast-to-Cactus exhibit, see how the different ecological zones of California are truly diverse in comparison to our continent, with amazing information on how they have changed over history. Tickets range from $12-$19.

Fleet Science Center

One of the best museums available to visit in beautiful Balboa Park, the Fleet Science Center is the premiere place to go and learn about the sciences with plenty of interactive exhibits. The family friendly Kid City is great for those young who want to experience the wonders of science. At the Tinkering Studio, flex your creative thinking skills and invent something new. At the San Diego water tap exhibit, develop an understanding of how our city stores and protect this precious resource with interactive booths and videos. The Power Play exhibit is an interactive game that challenges visitors to keep the power grid running while maximizing the use of renewable energy resources. It helps you develop an understanding of the importance of renewable energy, and how it is shaping the way we live in San Diego. Tickets range from $16.95 to $19.95.

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