Black Resume wins the LMA Hip Hop Competition and is nominated for an SDMA

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Announcing the Local Music Alliance, Special Hip Hop Edition Volume 5 Winners…. Black Resume!

Winners of the Local Music Alliance Vol. 5

Black Resume stands above many other hip hop artists swarming the San Diego scene. The name itself speaks volumes as to the deeper meaning behind their music and the type of harvested talent that makes our city proud. With their debut album Bar-Barian Music inspiring fans to make their own copies, t-shirts and travel up the Cali coast to support their shows, its become a captivating movement. But what is Black Resume?

Black Resume is comprised of four unique artists, all who reside in San Diego, Terence, LC, Guilla and Tavares. As featured on the Local Music Alliance, Special Hip Hop Edition, their anthem “Animals” lead the competition by far. We caught up with the gentlemen in between their grind of making money in regular jobs, making music and living the life of someone in their early twenties.

Most recently Black Resume was nominated for a San Diego Music Award for Best Hip Hop Artist and Best Hip Hop Album of 2010. You can vote for the group here, voting ends on August 21st so take a moment to support, reflect and evaluate the local scene.

If you “Like” this vote for Black Resume to win their nominations for this years 20th anniversary San Diego Music Awards CLICK HERE

Black Resume meets…

Terence and Tavares were brothers who shared a liking for music, and met Guilla. LC would ditch lunch at his high school to watch Guilla’s battle with a fellow classmate, Flip, who Guilla clobbered lyrically. Impressed by the each others flow, the group connected and began to collaborate, in 2009 they joined forces to create Black Resume.

Why do they call themselves Black Resume?

Guilla had a vision of creating a group or concept called Black Resume. But, as you gaze over their first album background, a man wearing a suit, you know that there must be a deeper meaning. When we asked them, “What exactly does Black Resume” mean, they explain that your Black Resume is essentially the talents that wouldn’t go on a normal corporate resume. They throw out examples like picking a lock, a great three-point shot in basketball or even hustling, but it’s more than that.

Black Resume
Whatever you wouldn’t put on your actual resume. Your special talents or skills.
– Guilla of Black Resume

And what is the meaning behind the title of the debut CD, Bar-Barian Music?

I’ve heard about Black Resume a lot for the last six months, whether they were opening for an artist coming to town or my friends were listening to their CD, Bar-Barian Music.

Bar-Barian Music, their debut album, has a two fold play on words meaning. First, in hip hop the standard moniker for the writing structure to add a rap to a song is 16 bars. Then, Barbarian linked with being old, prehistoric, connects to the true roots of music; when songs weren’t excessively produced and the only artists selling records were authentic musicians.

What influences and drives the style of your music?

Guilla: The style is like 90’s West Coast.

LC: We are all influenced by different rappers and different things individually, but we could all agree that we are influenced by West Coast music.

Tavares: Music in general influences us, whether bad music or good music it makes us want to do better. For example, ‘this music is garbage let’s do better than that, or this music is good let’s try to be as good as that.’

Exclusive Drop:

A music video for their single “Animal” is coming out soon. The video is filled with energy, excitement and was professionally filmed in a gorgeous home in Santa Barbara with a full tilt crew.

The group see’s their cultivation of music as an investment for their future. They mix living daily life, working, relationships and recording music to allow time for their group and creative work. But they already see it paying off, while walking in the streets of Santa Barbara they have been stopped before, even when wearing plain clothes getting approached by fans clamoring for Black Resume.

For 2010 you can look forward to a new album, and a few mix tapes the guys assure. While the guys are hopeful that their hard work, talent and experience will give them a contract they aren’t holding out for one. In the mean time you can catch them live, they have already performed with many of the popular acts of today such as E-40, New Boyz and Crooked I.

THIS WEEKEND: You can catch Black Resume this Saturday at 4 & B opening up for Lloyd Banks of G-Unit. Make sure to wear your favorite Black Resume t-shirt or make one, this is going to be a set to remember as they debut a brand new track for you!

To get more information and stay up to date with Black Resume “Fan” them on FaceBook visit their website or follow them on Twitter @blackresume

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