The North Park Music Thing Will Make A Melodious Appearance in San Diego This Weekend

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Music, it can be said without raising any objections, is definitely alive and well on the San Diego scene. From opera to the organ, folk to funk, rap to R&B and everything in between, this beautiful coastal city has something original to sate just about everyone’s musical palate. But what if you’re interested in being more than just a listener? That’s where the North Park Music Thing (NPMT) comes in.

A two day music event known by the subtitle of “San Diego Music and Media Conference and Festival”, the Thing takes registrants through a comprehensive tour of the music business through panel discussions, workshops, and demo review sessions. Thousands of aspiring local artists, and even many out-of-towners, swarm to the event in hopes of getting a little extra musical cred under their belts. And cred is exactly what they get—the NPMT features speakers from all walks of the industry, from local and regional veterans to performers who have years of experience belting out tunes on a national level. At the end of the night, attendants can jam out to the musical stylings of over 100 bands from the Southwestern U.S., featured on 14 different stages.

And, as if that isn’t enough, all proceeds from the NPMT go to the San Diego Music Foundation, a local non-profit organization that’s all about enriching and enlivening the San Diego community through music. The Foundation provides assistance to local musicians, aiding them in areas such as music education, professional development, live performance, etc.—everything a budding musical protégé needs to make it to the big time. On top of that, the San Diego Music Foundation sponsors the annual San Diego Music Awards Show, which recognizes especially creative and original artistic endeavors in the San Diego community.

So whether you want to be a star, improve upon your craft, or just hear some really good music, check out the NPMT at the beautiful Lafayette Hotel this weekend, August 13th-14th. Ticket options range from an all-inclusive $35 dollar pass to $10 individual stage tickets. For more information, visit the NPMT’s official website at

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