LMA Hip Hop Countdown Heats Up

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For anyone in the hip hop community that has been living under a rock the past week, yes, there’s something big going on in the San Diego hip hop scene right now. The San Diego Entertainer & Lifestyles Magazine along with Jelly Radio present LMA: Special Hip Hop Edition. LMA stands for Local Music Alliance and it’s our way of giving back to the thriving independent music community in San Diego.

We’ve taken some of the most intersting and innovative San Diego artists and put them on a free play list for you to download. We’ve upped the ante by adding a competition into the mix, so not only do you get free music, but you can also vote for your favorite artist. The winning artist gets the prestige of the first ever title, along with a feature video interview with us and spotlight on Jelly Radio, and more.

To heighten the exposure of the included artists, Jelly Radio will be broadcasting a special show every Monday at 8PM with DJ Play and his enticing co-host Miss Kay. The first show was last Monday and the energy was high and music on point. Stay tuned for more details on how you can win just by listening!

With thousands of independent artists in San Diego it’s time for the county to join arms and support each other. In fact, here’s a run down of some of the things going on in the scene if you’ve missed out:

Last Saturday at Deco’s Nightclub, featured LMA artist Twelve released M.I.D. which stands for Mix Tapes is Dead. The project was mixed by Big Snoop Dogg’s official DJ Jam. The event included a live performance with Twelve and some of his collaborators.

The turn out for the M.I.D. release party was more than just impressive as you’ll see by watching the video below. We will be dropping an exclusive interview with Twelve next week where he talks about his upcoming solo debut album, The Mary Jane Junkeez and more.

Check out LMA sponsor Kali-oso‘s exclusive video footage of the M.I.D. event:

Featured LMA artist Black Resume is heading to Hollywood tomorrow to open for DJ Quik at the Key Club. Black Resume has dominated the voting in the competition so far with their song “Animals.”

The group has traveled up and down the Cali coast opening for big names and it’s garnering them state-wide recognition. With 56 confirmed guests from San Diego traveling to the Key Club already, it seems that Black Resume is coming out really strong!

You can download the play list and vote for your favorite artist in the competition here

Don’t miss the live Local Music Alliance Hip Hop Countdown Mondays at 8PM with DJ Play on Jelly Radio, just visit at 8PM and click “listen now”.

Tune in and interact on FaceBook and Twitter to support your favorite artists!

I am the project manager for Epsori Business Solutions, I assist in managing the San Diego Entertainer website. San Diego is my city, and I absolutely am enthused about The Entertainer being brought back to life in an easy to use digital format.

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