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It’s no mistake that the hip hop community in San Diego is thriving. A recent survey reported that over 100,000 aspiring hip hop artists live in our community working with home equipment and in local studios. While the talent amongst that 100,000 may not be as staggering, the fact that an abundance of quality hip hop is coming out of San Diego is no surprise.

While the radio provides an outlet to “what’s hot” for those out of tune, there is also a large group of people following the local scene. Recently many of the most active San Diego hip hop artists gathered to create D.O.M which stands for “Death of the Mixtape.” This initiative was headed up by Batkave Recording Studio a hot spot where many artists collaborate and record in San Diego.

Appearances on D.O.M, which is a free project for the community, included Twelve (formerly 12 Gauge Shottie), B-Stone, Beta Boss, Tyeena, I Rocc and Smigg Dirtee to name a few. Despite lack of
mainstream promotion, D.O.M has well over thousands of downloads to show there’s definitely a voice that’s being heard and San Diego Entertainer Magazine wants to support it.

Come back to vote on

As part of our Local Music Alliance program, the San Diego Entertainer will bring you Volume 5 as a special hip hop edition! We urge listeners to turn off the mainstream and turn on the local sounds of San Diego with our media affiliate We’re proud to announce that each Monday during June at 8pm (pst), DJ Play will showcase the Local Music Alliance playlist on

For those who are not familiar with the Local Music Alliance it is a program that was started last year by the San Diego Entertainer Magazine to support the local scene. It all begins with the great local artists and one of their songs. Usually about 10-15 artists are featured on a compilation that is free for download to the public here on Fans and interested San Diegans can download the playlist and vote for their favorite song. Most of all we want you to listen to the music coming from your city! After you cast your votes over a month, the winner get’s a very exciting prize package.

THE COMPETITION begins in just a few days...

The prize package will include an on air interview with Jelly Radio and a feature video with the San Diego Entertainer Magazine in addition to a spotlight article. Plus, you have the honor of being the first winner of the Local Music Alliance in the hip hop category for San Diego. Consultant and sponsor Miles Aaron will write a professional press release announcing your win which will be distributed to the San Diego media outlets.

We are still accepting last minute artists and voting starts in the next few days, here on Send your “fairly clean” mp3 to to be considered. Only San Diego artists need apply.

We are proud to announce that Jelly Radio will be supporting this exciting edition of the Local Music Alliance Playlist. Jelly Radio is based in San Diego and already has several programs in place to support local music so it was a perfect fit. Tune in to for more details.

With Jelly’s tagline “The Future of Radio Is Now” you won’t be surprised to learn about the cutting edge multimedia. Not only does Jelly Radio play the latest and greatest hits, spotlight San Diego artists, and provide interesting show commentary, they also have a 3-D quality sound app for the IPad and IPhone!  The app allows you to text DJ’s and other listeners while enjoying your tunes and is available in the iTunes store.

Jelly Radio has already attracted over 1,200,000 daily listeners and is steadily growing as their ties with Facebook, U-Stream and Twitter continue building a loyal following. Stay tuned to the San Diego Entertainer Magazine for the latest on Jelly Radio and the upcoming Local Music Alliance show set to start soon.

We present Local Music Alliance with collaboration from Miles Aaron, a consultant with Sidewayz Ent. Miles Aaron has become a figure in the local scene by providing mentoring and marketing guidance to our beloved local hip hop acts. We will debut original and informative pieces on doing business in the local music scene from Miles Aaron during the month of June, so stay tuned!

Big thanks to sponsor Kali-Oso Graphics, who has contributed the art for the play list, and is an extremely talented and active graphics artist in San Diego. You can stay tuned to his blog, for produced videos and other snippets of San Diego music and beyond.

These artists are voicing themselves directly our of your own city, so maybe you’ll relate more to to the music than the major players in the national landscape.  You never know until you listen and vote. The playlist includes featured artists; Twelve, Beta Boss and Black Resume just to name a few.

Calling all college kids, hip hop heads, radio lovers, brothers, sisters and cousins to support San Diego music! Follow us on Twitter or FaceBook to get the latest updates. Continue to check back to to get the free play list and vote for your favorite SD artist to win!

D.O.M – Track listing

Compilation of many San Diego artists!

– Featured Artist

An iconic San Diego artist who recently hosted a headlining show with The Jacka at 4th & B.
Exclusive interview coming soon: Twelve dishes on his career, San Diego living & more!

Black Resume
– Featured Artist

This picture demonstrates the death of hip hop with some unique concept imagery. These guys have already opened for Too Short and Devin Tha Dude in 2010 alone. Black Resume is growing a steady following. Don’t be surprised if you see a Black Resume t-shirt around town on a loyal fan!

Photography by Andy Ortega

Photographed By Andy Ortega

I am the project manager for Epsori Business Solutions, I assist in managing the San Diego Entertainer website. San Diego is my city, and I absolutely am enthused about The Entertainer being brought back to life in an easy to use digital format.

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