Local Band Jerry Olea Trio wins 91x Battle of the Bands, Endoxi takes second

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**Please note correction: Jerry Olea Trio won the Battle of the Bands. The previous version of this article stated Endoxi won when in fact they were the runner up.**

San Diego’s 91X radio station hosted their finale week for the 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands competition earlier this month at the Terra Nova Plaza in Chula Vista. Local music in San Diego is going strong and San Diego bands have been performing in front of crowds all summer for a chance to with the title of the hottest band in town!

The three bands who competed during the final night were Jerry Olea Trio, Endoxi and First Class Fiction. Fans cheered for their favorite bands, while the judges were critiquing music originality, style, sound, stage performance and crowd interaction.

The first performance was by Jerry Olea Trio whose genre is a combination of rock, blues and folk. The crowd enjoyed the laid back San Diego style of this band. The band performed well together, and their music was soothing. Members include Jerry Olea (Guitarist and Vox), Andrew Rode (Bassist and Cellist), and Jakob Guerra (Drummer and Backup Vox).  Band website:

Endoxi dazzled the crowd next with their interesting and unique style. It’s a blend of pop, alternative and classic rock style. The band performed well together and the crowd certainly enjoyed their music and its originality. Members include Chris Wilson (Guitar and Vox), Joe Cardillo (Sax), Matt Caskitt (Drums), and Wally (Bass). Band website:

Fans sat impatiently holding banners and signs as First Class Fiction begin to set up. Finall,y this power rock-pop style band blasted out with soaring energy and exuberant stage presence. The band definitely charmed the crowd as a song was dedicated to the singer’s grandmother. The band plays great together with its dynamic energy, stage presence and crowd interaction, however they performed several cover tunes during a competition in which originality was a key element.

Members of First Class Fiction include Nino Pamaran (Singer), Andy Quinn (Lead Guitarist), Lee Hopper (Guitarist), Tony Panaran (Drummer), and Don Quinn (Bassit). Band website:

When the competition was over the judges compared notes to decide who the winner would be. All three bands line up onstage as the excitement and anticipation builded. The crowd cheered as Jerry Olea Trio took 1st place. Endoxi was runner up.

Congratulations to all bands who competed in the 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands!

Images from Staff Photographer AKAFotoGirl.


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