The Best YouTube Channels to Binge

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YouTube has come a long way since its inception, blossoming into a diverse hub teaming with practically endless entertainment. Content has exponentially increased in production value, with a wide range of adventurous videos that cater to all sorts of interests. If you’re looking to break the curse of boredom and check out some awesome content, we’ve compiled some of the coolest YouTube channels for you to binge.

Lessons from the Screenplay

Breaking down film theory can be dense and difficult to enjoy, but Lessons from the Screenplay breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand while still being fascinating. Discussions range from dissecting the narrative of the Avengers or picking apart Blade Runner to point out its brilliant cinematic decisions, this channel is great for all you film buffs.

Epic Meal Time

When the brilliant minds behind Epic Meal Time first came onto the YouTube scene, their wonderfully zany food creation videos struck the perfect balance of humor and delicious concoctions. These Canadians know a thing or two about bacon, as you’ll quickly find out from watching their videos. Beware, you may get the sudden inspiration to go out and make a crazy food creation of your own.

Cocktail Chemistry

If you love having friends over for a few drinks from time to time, why not brush up on your cocktails skills by checking out Cocktail Chemistry. This a fantastic wealth of information when it comes to crafting up a delicious cocktail. This channel covers everything from the classic Old Fashioned to more exotic recipes that are sure to impress your friends.

Gareth Leonard

If you have a serious case of wanderlust, then Gareth Leonards videos may help you with getting your fill of the world between your next adventure. His short videos are cinematic trailers of countries that are set to music and give you a wonderfully immersive experience into exotic locations around the world.

Big Think

For all you eternally curious souls out there, Big Think is here to bring together the brightest minds in human history for you to explore. Fascinating topics and issues are condensed into comprehensive and easy to understand videos that cover fields such as science, philosophy, astronomy, and many others. Big Think has plenty of content to expand your overall knowledge of the world around you.

Dude Perfect

The masters of having fun – the guys behind Dude Perfect live the life you wish you could. Former college roommates and basketball players, this group of guys challenge each other to incredible trick shots and crazy sports that are simply awesome to watch. Some examples include a real-life recreation of Mario Kart, obstacle courses with bow and arrow trick shots, and their signature office trick shots montages.

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