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5 Hilarious YouTube Commentary Channels

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YouTube has evolved into a complex site offering viewers a diverse range of content and entertainment that is unlike anything we’ve seen on other mediums. As always, the bread and butter of YouTube is comedy, with hundreds of thousands of channels releasing videos that induce gut-wrenching laughter.

Recently, the rise of commentary channels has brought us some of the funniest videos on YouTube. Simple in nature, they are incredibly addicting and guaranteed to make you laugh. Here are some of the top channels you have to check out. 

Cody Ko 

First exploding on the social media scene as a Vine star, Cody Ko successfully transitioned to YouTube with a downright hilarious comedic commentary channel. Along with his co-star Noel Miller, the hit series, “That’s Cringe” has racked up millions of views. Ko dives into internet videos that are packed with some of the cringy-est things you could ever imagine, and the result is downright hilarious. 

Kurtis Conner 

Utilizing his skills as a comedian, Kurtis Conner operates a superb YouTube commentary channel that features a reviewal of all things weird, funny, and cringy. Conner is the king of awkward comedy, delivering an entertaining blend of self-deprecating humor, self-awareness, and smart social commentary. Whether he’s reviewing a simply awful Tik-Tok, or providing opinions on the strangest movies ever made, it’s easy to fall down a Kurtis Conner rabbit hole. 

Leon Lush 

An OG to the YouTube scene, Leon Lush has enjoyed a rather recent surge of popularity with his channel. Lush can be described as somewhat of a “content cop,” as he regularly calls out ridiculous and absurd YouTubers for putting out subpar, awful, or inappropriate content. He goes about this in a hilarious way though, going above and beyond in production and editing that makes for a highly enjoyable watch. With a wide range of content and a fairly frequent upload schedule, Leon Lush is a must-watch. 

Philip DeFranco 

Another veteran to the YouTube game, DeFranco’s channel is a smart mix of news, pop culture, and entertainment reporting blended with insightful commentary that is both balanced and hilarious. However, rather than focusing solely on comedy, you can actually learn something from watching his videos. He has a knack for dissecting interesting current events and picking apart how it relates to our day-to-day lives in a way that no news outlet could do. 

Tiffany Ferg 

Stumbling upon Ferg’s channel, you’ll immediately see she has a diverse range of content encompassing fascinating topics from dating apps to mental health. Similar to DeFranco, her content has an educational slant that is mixed with relatable humor. While some videos are funnier than others, her channel touches on topics that not many other YouTubers are exploring, making her particularly unique in a saturated genre. This is apparent in her series, “Internet Analysis,” which has gained considerable popularity. Ferg is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the mood for some content that is both intellectually stimulating and funny. 


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