5 Reason You Should Be Watching Lucifer

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He’s the fallen angel, the Lord of Hell, the genuine Prince of Darkness, and soon he will be heading to Netflix to whip out even more punishment.

Lucifer was canceled by Fox back in May, causing a massive uproar among the fandom. But thanks to the very passionate fans who rallied together with petitions and a #SaveLucifer campaign, the show was picked up for a fourth season by Netflix. But for those who haven’t found the excitement of Tom Ellis’ wisecracking, pun-loving Devil are missing out on pure entertainment. It’s part fantasy drama, part buddy-cop comedy, and one of the best comic-book adaptations on TV right now. However, if you need some more convincing, here are five reasons you should start watching Lucifer.

#1 – It’s the ultimate game of will-they-or-won’t-they

During the first season, Lucifer doesn’t hide his desire to woo Decker. It’s a continuous pursuit for him and one that constantly annoys her. But, what makes it so much more amusing is that Lucifer can’t quite figure out how she can resist his charms (you have to watch past the first season to find out). This results in every episode being a constant back and forth of how deep and honest, their respective feelings are for each other.

#2 – Lucifer can work a pun or innuendo into any conversation

Whether its a sexy insinuation aimed at Detective Decker or the continuous puns coming from the use of people’s holy names/phrases, Lucifer remains the king of witty, hysterical and suggestive one-liners.

#3 – The women are badasses

Lucifer is still the main focus of the show but the series is still full of strong, fierce and intellectual female characters. From Lucifer’s detective partner Chole Decker to his demon sidekick Maze, these women are more than strong enough to look after themselves. And of course, we must not forget Dr. Linda Martin, Lucifer’s go-to therapist, who earns a place as Lucifer’s friend as the series progresses.

#4 – The police procedural format

Much like every show, there are certain plots and character arcs that evolve as the characters develop each season, but Lucifer is also a police procedural series. Every episode has a different crime, murder or mystery that is wrapped up by the end of the episode.

#5 – The Devil is a charmer. Tom Ellis will steal your heart and won’t give it back again.

By his nature, Lucifer is irresistible to almost everyone and he has the ability to compel people to reveal their deepest desires. He can charm the pants off of anyone, usually literally, with a British accent that makes him one of the most charismatic characters to grace our TV screens.

This is all due to star Tom Ellis, who provides such a stellar performance as Lucifer. He plays the devil as the ultimate sexual playboy, who has serious daddy issues and be quite the man-child but has a hesitant heart of gold. It’s Lucifer’s vulnerability that will make you love the character and Ellis portrays it brilliantly.

Season 4 of Lucifer is currently in production and will hit Netflix sometime next year. In the meantime, you can catch up with the first three seasons out now on DVD, Hulu, and other streaming sources (some for a fee)

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