The Bachelor: Week 6 Recap

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Episode 6 of The Bachelor was nothing short of awkward this week. Six women were sent home, and an astonishing three of those dismissals were during dates, not at rose ceremonies.

Nick isn’t messing around for his fourth try at love. He didn’t hide his emotions at all this episode.

There were lots of tears from everyone, including our man Nick Viall. Even the date that went well involved tears. It ended with Nick expressing doubts if he could go on with the show after his relationship with Danielle L. fizzled out, and he worried he might not find love after all.


The “to be continued” after last week’s episode left us all thinking there was going to be a serious smack down from Taylor vs. Corrine when she showed up on Nick and Corrine’s one-on-one, but nothing really happened. Corinne and Taylor barely interacted when Taylor interrupted the date. It was just drama hype from The Bachelor, as the show teased a confrontation that never happened.


Thankfully this episode wasn’t centered around drama with Corrine, with her taking a backseat this week. This allowed other women to make an impression, especially Kristina, the petite, adorable Russian with a tragic backstory. Kristina’s story showed Nick a deeper side of her and all that she has been through.

Kristina’s story about her mother abandoning her and her leaving her makeshift family at the orphanage to come to America was heart-wrenching, to say the least.



The group date was set in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, which on paper, sounds pretty good. The ladies would get to hang out at the beach, drink, and play volleyball with Nick. Unfortunately, those who were chosen for the date weren’t so excited about it.

They wanted to talk to Nick. But Nick wanted to play volleyball. Everybody became irritated, and the date slowly fell apart. Curse of the sixth episode?


Jasmine at long last got her alone time with Nick, and she blew it. Not because of the crying and telling him how much she likes him, but because of the lack of attention he was giving her upset her, and she wanted to choke him. Wait, what?

She meant it in a playful, sexy way, but it came off wrong and Nick was not into it. He said “ok” and smiled a fake, uncomfortable smile. But she kept going, telling him she wanted to put him in “the chokey” and grabbed his throat. He hated it.

“Want me to show you?” she asked. “No, not even a little,” he replied. “You’ve never gotten a chokey before?” she asked. Her surprise at his reluctance was strange, considering this word probably doesn’t exist.

The chokey was Jasmine’s last effort. She got sent home moments after she went for Nick’s throat. Good for you, Nick!

The three date eliminations this week brought the total of non-rose ceremony eliminations this season to six, after Liz, Dominique and Taylor. That has to be a record.

Things are getting really real…as real as they can on for reality TV.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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