Bachelor Recap: Week 10

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Strap in, ladies and gents. We got three hours of the Bachelor last night! We’re back in Lapland, Finland for the rest of the fantasy suite dates.

“Nick is very good at what he does,” Raven said after their one on one in the fantasy suite. She skipped around town in a cute rom-com fashion, giddy over the night she spent with Nick.

Rachel’s one-on-one was next. They cross country skied, and Rachel had trouble staying upright despite priding herself on being athletic. As she laughed over her clumsiness, they fed some reindeer and found a fire next to the paddock. Rachel still hadn’t told Nick that she loves him, and struggled over whether she wants to open herself up to heartbreak and love, because she didn’t think she would get this far. Nick tried to walk her through how they could be together, and they kissed in a reindeer-drawn sleigh.

“If you were to check your ego at the door what would your heart say?” Nick asked. “That I’m falling in love with you,” Rachel answered. Despite knowing that Rachel is our next bachelorette, watching the two of them together was seriously adorable. They go to their fantasy suite, and she said “this is the man I’m supposed to be with.”

Rachel sported a cute penguin onesie the next morning, and said she was ready to seal the deal with him.

Vanessa’s one-on-one was next. He took her to an ice bath, and Vanessa freaked out a little bit, then agreed to the cold. “I want to murder Nick, chop him up and feed him to the reindeer.” The pair ran back and forth from the ice to the warm sauna. She eventually got more into the spirit than Nick, and she encouraged him to keep up the race.

In a hot tub, they discussed their core values and what they’re willing to compromise on. Nick asked her about their similarities, and how it could become a problem for them. She expressed her values she won’t compromise on, then went on to say that a relationship is based on compromises. If she and Nick go the distance, she might end up compromising on the things she thought she couldn’t.

Vanessa struggled with the fact that Nick might not want to be as close to her family as she is, considering they spend so much time together. She did end up saying she loves him, and after their tough discussion about the future but ended up realizing it could make their relationship stronger. “Nick is my other half.”

“My fears have been overtaken by the love I feel,” Nick said through tears at the second to last rose ceremony of the season. Raven got the first rose, and Vanessa the second. We finally said goodbye to Rachel, but we know she’s going on to bigger and better things. Nick said she was one of the most amazing women he’d ever met in his life as they said their goodbyes.

Bachelor Women Tell All

Chris Harrison introduced the episode as one of the most tweeted about ever, and Nick and Chris surprise a few Bachelor viewing parties, including the Backstreet Boys.

We go through a lot of the highlights of the season, all the drama with the girls, especially between Taylor and Corinne.

The girls say the first time they said they felt alienated from Corinne was the infamous nap she took during the rose ceremony, among other things. All the girls talk over each other, and Josephine comes to Corinne’s defense.

Liz was the first in the hot seat with Chris, the woman who couldn’t help but mention that she had slept with Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. She expressed no regret in going on the show, and realized that she and Nick didn’t have the connection she thought they might have. The girls stood by her, and said how much they cared for her.

“She came to fight for the man of her dreams and ended up fighting for her character.”

Taylor was next. She said it was rough for her to watch her actions back. They discussed emotional intelligence, and Taylor stands by her statements of Corinne’s supposed lack of emotional intelligence. The girls weren’t supportive of Taylor at all, and Corrine left the stage to get a glass of champagne. Whitney said both girls were condescending in their own way.

Corinne’s time on stage talked about her sexuality and her over the top nature. She said she came off more promiscuous than she intended. Taylor eventually admits she was in the wrong for saying she wouldn’t befriend Corinne outside of the show. She defended Raquel and brought out some of her nanny’s cheese pasta for the women and audience to try.

Kristina spoke next, about her vulnerability and the story that she told on the show. Her grace and poise brought tears to the women and the audience.

We end the show with Nick and Rachel brought out on stage. Nick defended Corinne, explained his feelings for Kristina and Danielle L., and talked about his experience as the Bachelor. Rachel told America what she wants in a man, and that she’s excited to potentially find that in a few months. The other women said they’ll take her leftovers.

Nick is choosing between Raven and Vanessa next week at 8pm on ABC next week, be sure to tune in and see if he finds love!

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