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Top 10 Commericals from Super Bowl LI

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Yesterday’s Super Bowl was tense to say the least. Besides the Patriots winning in a stunning comeback victory and Lady Gaga’s epic half-time performance, many people tuned into the football game of the season for nothing but the commercials.   With close to 100 million viewers, advertisers want to make a serious impression on the Super Bowl audience, whether it turns out for the best or worst. We have gathered the top 10 commercials of Super Bowl LI.

Intel Commercial featuring Tom Brady

Considering Tom Brady pulled off the comeback of the century and received his fifth title yesterday, he deserves endless praise. His performance in the Intel commercial, moreover, showed off his talented acting capabilities. In the commercial, the extremely good looking athlete completed routinely activities – like brushing his teeth – and Intel made these trivial experiences look epic.


Bai’s Beverage Commercial

Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake starred in the advertisement for Bai . The commercial began somewhat uncomfortably, with Walken reciting what turns out to be NSYNC lyrics, it finishes hilariously in awkward silence as both stars look into the camera. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser because anyone can appreciate Timberlake’s “bye, bye, bye” throwback and a clever pun.


Honda CRV Ad

The All-New Honda CRV commercial featured celebrities like Tina Fey, Amy Adams, Missy Elliott and Steve Carrell in pictures from their high school yearbooks. The moral of the commercial was to “chase your dreams,” even if it meant playing the clarinet in a colonial-looking suit (we appreciate you, Jimmy Kimmel).


Sexy Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean, the animated “Cleaner of Your Dreams” commercial was unexpected to say the least. Mr. Clean might as well have been named “Mr. Dirty” with his provocative cleaning moves in this commercial. But audiences seem to have no complaints. This humorous commercial offered some comedic relief during the nail biter of a game.


Melissa McCarthy’s KIA Commercial

Melissa McCarthy was a strong asset to the array of Super Bowl commercials this past weekend. Her charismatic personality immediately drew fans in, so watching her be the “hero” for Kia’s new Niro was one of the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday.


T-Mobile featuring Snoop and Martha Stewart

T-Mobile’s “Bag of Unlimited” commercial featured the stars Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog. Though Stewart seems to be talking about unlimited data, she actually is making marijuana related puns throughout the commercial. For example, she says “can of bisque,” instead of cannabis which was just one of the priceless jokes. This isn’t the first time Snoop and Stuart partnered up considering their show called “Martha and Snoops Potluck Dinner Party,” on VH1 in 2016.


Bud Light Commercial

This Super Bowl Commercial was witty, cute and ensured a living room full of laughter. The commercial focused on two men doing manly activities like playing sports, grilling, and drinking Bud Light. They are expressing how much they care for each other, whilst knee-deep in a bromance, and Guns N Rose’s “sweet child of mine” is playing in the background.


Justin Beiber for T-Mobile

Many were excited about T-Mobile’s commercial featuring the famous pop sensation, Justin Bieber. However, this commercial was down right strange. Bieber is a “celebration expert,” and claimed there are unlimited [dance] moves. On the other hand, one can appreciate Bieber’s dance moves in any circumstance.


Turbo Tax’s Humpty Dumpty

Turbo Tax strived to advertise taxes can be done anywhere, however, this commercial was too far-fetched for most people. Humpty Dumpty was seen doing taxes on his wall, but fell and ended up needing to go to the hospital with severe injuries. If you can’t handle vomit, I wouldn’t recommend watching this advertisement considering Humpty disgustingly vomits egg yolk.


Airbnb makes a statement

Last but not least, Airbnb’s advertisement was touching, especially considering the current divide in politics. With the mantras “we accept” and “we belong, it was moving and heartfelt to watch. Furthermore, Airbnb is currently offering housing for refugees in need in response to the travel ban recently ordered. If you don’t look closely, you may not even notice what company the ad is for. Simple and understated. Good job Airbnb!


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