The Bachelor returns to ABC with Nick Viall

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Bachelor Mondays are back people! The season we have all been anticipating has arrived and we can finally see who will be the lucky lady to land Nick Viall.

Nick has been on The Bachelor going on four times now, getting rejected twice and rejecting Jen Saviano in the series finale of The Bachelor in Paradise.

Viall has a lot to live up to after our hopes and dreams of Luke Pell being the next Bachelor were crushed. Nick is no stranger to the show, so we are all hoping he will find love in the newest season (mostly so we can start seeing some new people on the show).

On Monday night, after we were able to get to know Nick better (as if we barely knew him from the past three seasons) we were all given insight to the newest contestants.

Feel free to look over the newest girls swooning over Nick, here.

Ultimately, the final rose was given to Rachel, an attorney from Texas, and the Bachelor ended up sending Ida Marie, Olivia, Lauren, Briana, Angela, Jasmine, and Michelle home.

As always, talk shows around America began placing their bets on who will win Nick’s heart. While most of the bets lie in Rachel’s favor, there is no telling what the future episodes will hold. Let’s all hope Nick will finally find what he has been looking for in the Bachelor Franchise, and here’s to hoping this will be his last season on the show.

In the meantime, Monday’s just became slightly better as we can all sink into our couches with a glass of wine and obsess over who will win love this season.

The Bachelor airs Monday’s on ABC.

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