Full Trailer of American Horror Story Released

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Producer of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy, has made the effort of keeping the storylines of each season under wraps in the past to build maximum anticipation. The seventh and upcoming season of American Horror Story, is inspired by the election of Donald Trump, so anticipation has been of highest magnitude. “Will Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton actually be in it? How controversial is too controversial?” are just some of the questions we posed.

Yesterday, the official trailer for the seventh season of American Horror Story finally launched on the Internet. Though not all of our questions were directly answered, we can assume that this season is going to be filled with terror and a considerable amount of debatable political discussion. In the trailer below, you will see that Ryan Murphy didn’t hold back:

In the first few seconds of the opening scene of the trailer for the first episode inquisitively titled “Election Night,” a family is watching the results of the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They are anxiously sitting in a beautiful Michigan home before Donald Trump’s name is announced. Once Trump’s name is announced by a news anchor, the mother (played by Sarah Paulson) let out a horrifying cry in utter terror for the future ahead.

After Paulson screams, it appears that everything else symbolically crumbles around her, similarly to how other seasons have commenced. Paulson said, “Since election night, everything has gotten so much worse.” The plot is still somewhat vague after watching the trailer, but it seems as though Paulson will see terrifying images of clowns that no one else can. Also, Paulson’s newly hired psychotic baby-sitter played by Billie Lourd appears to be in on the madness, considering she provokes the fear of clowns.

Season 7 of American Horror Story, titled “The Cult,” will debut on Sept. 8 on FOX.

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