The Best Shows to Binge Right Now

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Sometimes all you need is to sit down and settle in for a good show to binge. We are without a doubt in the golden age of television, with studios and streaming services releasing tons of content for our viewing pleasure. If you’ve been looking for a new show to get lost in, here are the ones you should check out. 

Succession – HBO 

Succession introduces you to a world of the ultra-rich in the form of the Roy family, owners of a vast media empire. As the patriarch of the family ages, the Roy siblings fight for their father’s approval to take the helm as the head of their business. A dark comedy that is both fascinating and dramatic, Succession has stellar characters and a story that draws you in instantly. 

The Witcher – Netflix 

Based on the wildly popular fantasy novels, The Witcher is Netflix’s response to Game of Thrones. The Witcher follows a supernatural monster killer named Geralt of Rivia, as his destiny becomes increasingly intertwined with a rogue sorceress and a princess with unknown powers. The Witcher is perfect for those who love all things fantasy.

Chernobyl – HBO 

In what’s arguably the best representation of the world’s worst man made catastrophes, Chernobyl is a masterpiece in every way. It is represented in the grimmest way possible, shedding light on a devastating part of our history and how the Soviet Union responded to such a threat. 

Fleabag – Amazon Prime 

Fleabag is a surprise hit that won big for both of its seasons. Phoebe Waller-Bridge gives a terrific performance as the enigmatic Fleabag, a British woman that just can’t seem to navigate the world of relationships. Fleabag is a charming show full of wit with an excellent ending. 

Messiah – Netflix 

After a man who appears to be a modern-day version of Jesus turns out of nowhere and begins to proclaim himself the messiah, people begin to follow his teachings from around the world. As his following grows, he gains the attention of the CIA, who believe he is staging the beginnings of a worldwide extremism campaign. 

Living With Yourself – Netflix 

Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? In Living With Yourself, we’re blessed with not one, but two Rudd’s. After his character, Miles, decides to go for a strange spa treatment to help him become a better person, he finds that he has been cloned. The two clones, one cranky and one radiant, must find a way to live and put up with each other, while keeping it a secret from their wife. 

Mindhunter – Netflix 

Mindhunter tells the story of the FBI’s famed Behavioural Science Unit and its study of serial killers. The show follows two agents who are developing their theory of using psychology to catch the worst killers in American history. Each season features tense interviews with killers that terrorized Americans in the 70’s and how the FBI’s tactics led to them being caught.

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