Recap: The Bachelor Week 9

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As seems to be The Bachelor fashion, this week’s episode was rather unusual—it was only one hour long. We got caught up on the cliffhanger and rose ceremony of last week in the first half hour, and the last hour is a fantasy suite date with Nick. Don’t worry, though; this missing hour is being replaced at the beginning of the Women Tell All next Monday.

Andi’s Surprise Visit

“Andi is the last person I ever thought I would see.” The last time Andi knocked on Nick’s hotel door, she broke up with him, so the conversation felt pressured. Nick said he can relate to Andi a little more now that he’s been in her shoes. They talked about insecurities and worries, and Andi gave him fantasy suite advice. “Be kind, have fun, and most importantly fall in love.”

Rose Ceremony

Nick, going into the rose ceremony, said he’s never been more confident in the process. The roses were handed out to Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa, meaning we said goodbye to Corinne. She had a tearful goodbye and offered Nick good luck for the rest of his journey.

On to the fantasy suites—in Finland. A land full of snow and only a few hours of light every day, it’s a scenic (and cold) place to finish off the season.

With Vanessa, Nick said he was sure that he has a great relationship with her. He expressed his fear based on his hometown with her in Montreal since her family brought up so many questions about the future. With Rachel, he said he had instant chemistry and strength with her. At this point, she is the only one that hasn’t expressed her feelings verbally. But, since Rachel is the next bachelorette, we know she doesn’t end up with Nick.

Raven and Nick have had a strong relationship since the beginning, but he since he was still unsure, he picked her for the first date.

Raven’s Fantasy Suite Date

The couple took a helicopter ride across the tundra, then threw darts at a pub with some Finnish locals. They talked about hometowns and how welcoming Raven’s family was of her relationship with Nick. They giggle at the nerves they have over the fantasy suites after taking shots. Raven said, “He makes me feel a way that I can’t explain away.”

The two end the night in a little cottage in the snow covered woods, as Raven ponders saying “I love you” for the first time. Nick sports a fluffy turtleneck. She sips her wine and expresses her love through recalling their journey together. Both Nick and Raven were choked up as she spoke, and she was able to say those three words.

While the length of this episode was pretty unfair, we have to live with it, since we get three whole hours next Monday. Just another thing The Bachelor has up their sleeve to keep us on the line!

Tune in next Monday at 8pm on ABC.

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