Carpool Karaoke With Will Smith

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This week, James Corden took Will Smith on his commute and together, they carpool karaoke-d. Aside from rapping together, they also talked about Smith’s high school throwback memories, upcoming roles, and signature tag lines. This episode of Carpool Karaoke, featuring Will Smith, is not one you want to miss out on.

Corden introduced the episode by rapping “Get Jiggy With it” with Smith. Corden then said he was working on a “surround sound system,” and Smith acted surprised about what was coming up next. All of a sudden, Smith and Corden were surrounded by a marching band that blasted live music.

He first talked about how he started rapping, and said that he actually released a song when he was 16-years-old. His hit, “girls ain’t nothing but trouble” awarded him with popularity. Corden even said, “In your yearbook, were you named most likely to have already succeeded?”

The duo also chatted about Smith’s upcoming role as Barack Obama in a biopic. Smith said that he actually “talked to Barack about it” and Obama told him that he “has the ears for it.”

To finish off the clip, Corden asked Smith to say his, “aw hell no!” signature that has been in an assortment of his films. On one instance, Corden asked him if he wanted pineapple pizza, but Smith refused to say his signature back because matter-of-factly, he loves pineapple pizza.

Even though Smith’s facial expressions and eyes rolling back behind his head while the two were rapping was somewhat bizarre, we definitely recommend that you watch the episode below. We are confident that you’re going to laugh the entire time.

You can watch the whole video through Apple Music. In the previews in the above video for it, you’ll notice that Smith and Corden even bust out in a helicopter!

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