Bachelorette Finale Recap (Season 3)

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‘The Bachelorette’ Season 3 has officially closed after the lengthy 3-hour finale that took place last night on ABC. After one of the most eventful episodes in Bachelorette history, Lindsay chose Bryan Abasolo to be her rightful husband even though this might’ve not been the choice she truly wanted after a devastating break-up with Peter Kraus.

The episode started off with Lindsay finishing off her one-on-one dates with runner up Kraus and her now fiancee Abasolo. After these two dates, she ended up breaking up with Eric Bigger, which concluded to an emotional goodbye. As emotional as her goodbye with Bigger was, it was clear that Lindsay had stronger feelings for the last two men standing. In fact, it was clear that the words she was saying during the rose ceremony were directed at the reluctant Kraus.

Afterwards, Lindsay went on two more dates with the last two men standing (at the time), and her relationship with Kraus officially ended after many tears. On the after the rose live show, Lindsay even told national television that she was crying so hard that her eyelashes fell off. Business owner Kraus could not step up to the commitment of marriage in the amount of time they had, so they broke-up right then and there.

Even though it’s possible that Lindsay accepted Abasolo’s proposal by default, the couple seems happy to officially be out in the open with each other judging from their pictures on social media. In fact, Abasolo immediately took to Instagram to show his affection for Lindsay over a long Instagram post. He called Lindsay his “rock” and “love” and exclaimed his excitement about not having to keep their love a secret anymore.

During the live show, Abasolo proposed one more time because she couldn’t wear her ring when the couple was “undercover.” He gave Lindsay a 3-carat diamond engagement ring. Clearly, Lindsay scored with the romantic Abasolo (not to mention, the rang he gave her).

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