Netflix Review: Locke & Key Season 1

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Welcome to Keyhouse! Netflix brings Joe Hill’s graphic novel to life and it was well worth the wait.

The show centers on the Locke children, Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott), and their mother Nina (Darby Stanchfield), who are forced to move to their family home, Keyhouse, after their father Rendell (Bill Heck) is murdered by a former student, Sam Lesser (Thomas Michael Barnet). 

As for someone who hasn’t read the comic book, it felt like the streaming giant was trying to not just appeal to the fans of the books, but also gain a larger audience and they succeeded in doing so. With some amazing set pieces and great performances by the show’s leading cast, it makes the first season’s 10 episodes story binge-worthy. 

There is one thing that stands out in Locke & Key and it’s none of the actual people, but the house itself. Thanks to production designers Rory Cheyne and David Blass, they have created a location that is truly alive. Every room is carefully detailed with interesting little pieces and decor that helps give the story even more mystery. Keyhouse is also home to several magical keys, and each key has its own special ability. 

All of the siblings get to have their own adventures with the keys, but Bode gets some of the more fascinating adventures with the keys magic. Bode’s youthful liveliness when he discovers the keys magical properties is hilarious and charming. Scott portrays Bode with just the right combination of innocence and wonders reminding me of myself at that age.

Each key has its own part to play in Season 1, but the Head Key is the more fascinating key and allows the show to get really creative with the visuals. The key is inserted in the back of a person’s neck opening a door to their mind, allowing them to relive certain memories or gain important information that will come in handy later on. Everyone’s minds look different depending on their life experience. For Bode its a playground/arcade, while Kinsey’s is a giant shopping mall. The Head Key helps gives viewers a helpful glimpse into the history of the Locke Family, so hopefully, this will be used more in a potential Season 2

Overall, Locke & Key is an enjoyable binge with awesome visuals and a powerful family bond anchored by a great performance from Jackson Robert Scott as Bode. Season 1 should entertain fans of the comic book and newcomers.

Critic Review: 4/5 stars

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