This is Us Episode 17: Recap

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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the last episode of ‘This is Us,’ which occurred on NBC last night, March 7 at 9 pm, do not continue reading. This article will reveal key information from the 17th episode of ‘This is Us.’

To be expected, the 17th episode of ‘This is Us’ had viewers in tears within the first 15 minutes, but as the chapter of William’s life subsided and devastating past memories resurfaced, new beginnings also emerged. Last night’s unforgettable episode titled, “What Now?” demonstrated the impact of the influential father figures who helped produce Randall’s motivated drive yet gentle personality as it moved between scenes in the past and present.

At the start of the episode, it was clear that the news of William’s death made the forecast gloomy and the Pearson household solemn. However, the Pearson’s were not the only ones who were touched by William. As the episode progressed, viewers found that William’s gentle spirit even transpired on his slow walks each morning. The mailman even came by, cried as he gave his warmest condolences to Randall, and said, “William always asked about my daughter on his morning walks.”

William also made sure that Randall’s daughters plan the memorial service so that the funeral would recognize the happiness only a youthful spirit would notice. Leave it to Randall’s girls to still have us in tears by handing out William’s daily “pills,” which were actually M&M’s, as appetizers. On the contrary, Randall’s corporate business only sent him an unsympathetic card and pears he was allergic too. At the end of what Randall called a “fun-eral,” Beth gave a heartfelt eulogy that emphasized how strong her relationship with William was.

When the episode switched back to the past, the hardships in Rebecca and Jack’s relationship prevailed and exclaimed no marriage is perfect. Rebecca was about to leave on tour and Jack passive aggressively came home from work late in order to show Rebecca he didn’t want her to leave with her band and ex-boyfriend. As Jack was about to drop of the kids at their friend’s house, Kate told Jack he needed to go see Rebecca’s first performance that night in order to patch things up with Rebecca. Little did we know, this journey to Rebecca’s performance might be the cause of Jack’s deafening fate.

Of course, the episode ended before Jack’s death was actually revealed. However, Kate finally was about to confess to Toby details of the tragic event. As she said, “My dad’s death was my fault” in a scene in the present,” the show shifted back to the past and Jack got into a car after having too much to drink. He was on his way to see Rebecca perform, as Kate suggested earlier in the night.

Though the anticipatory information we have all been waiting for was not yet revealed– how did Jack die? – pieces of the everlasting puzzle are finally coming together and insightful predictions are brewing. After this elongated wait, we have high hopes that next week’s finale of ‘This is Us’ will finally reveal what we’ve all been exhaustively waiting for. After this episode, one can predict that Jack may have gotten in a car accident after having too much to drink.

Though this episode was a tear-jerker to say the least, Randall came to terms with William’s death and decided to honor his legacy by living with more ease and at a slower pace. He even decided to quit his job, but maintained a smile on his face and apparent spirited dignity. He will now have more time to spend with his girls and focus on what truly matters, just as William did. He even claimed one of the first things he wanted to do was talk to his mailman and take walks, rather than run, every morning.

Make sure to tune in to ‘This is Us’ on NBC for the season finale next Tuesday at 9 pm.

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