America’s Got Talent Finalists

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(Photo From "Gill Rickson" via Flikr)

(Photo From "Gill Rickson" via Flikr)

Because American Idol is currently off season, many reality show watchers are drawn to something else. The show has not reached the level of fanaticism that Idol has, but the show fills the void during off season. America’s Got Talent is produced by Simon Cowell, as is American Idol.

The show gives talented amateurs and unfamiliar performers the chance to get their own show in Vegas along with a nice cash prize of one million dollars.  Like American Idol, the people vote for their favorite contestant through call-ins and text messaging.

This past summer season America’s Got Talent was the #1 watched show in America getting over 13.75 million viewers at one time.

Currently there are ten final contestants competing for the million dollar prize and the hearts of America.  Here are a list on the finalists and a quick biography to fill you in about the talented people you see on the show.

1.    Barbra Padilla—She is an opera singer from Huston, Texas.  While in college, Barbara was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was told that she might never be able to sing again because the radiation could damage her vocal chords.  Padilla is currently in remission and is able to still sing, quite well infact.

2.    Drew Stevyns—He is a singer and guitarist from Sykesville, Maryland.  Stevyns started to sing at age two and was learning the piano at age five.  During high school he taught himself to play the guitar and sang in his school chorus.

3.    Fab Five—Consists of five sisters who are power tap dancers born in Morgan, Utah.  Ultimately, the sisters’ lives have been filled with trials and tribulations. Their father lost his farm to economic hardships; in addition, their family includes a sibling with severe Cerebral Palsy and another with kidney disease.  Through it all, the sisters have had amazing support from their family and friends and their tap dancing to keep their spirits up.

4.   Grandma Lee—You could have guessed it by her name, but she is an older comedian form Jacksonville, Florida. In May 1995, Lee lost her husband to cancer. To help her deal with the heartache, Lee began attending a comedy workshop.  Her message to America is that you should never let age get in the way of your dreams.

5.    Hario Torres—He is a 23 year old break-dancer from Grant Pass, Oregon.  Torres started dancing at age 13 with no professional training up till now.  His contortionism and crazy dance moves make him stand out from the crowd.

6.    Kevin Skinner—He is a singer songwriter from Mayfield, Kentucky.  He picked up the guitar at age 13 and never put it down.  His singing ability along with the emotions and passion he sings with makes him have a very unique gift.

7.    Lawrence Beamen— The only Californian left in contention, he is a gospel singer from Walnut Creek, California. Lawrence’s voice reflects the great sounds that have influenced his musical style such as Barry White, Mahalia Jackson, and Bill Withers.

8.    Recycled Percussion—They are an unconventional band from Goffstown, New Hampshire.  Using everything from buckets to latter’s, this band is anything but normal.  Their goal is to inspire teens to be drug-free and to find other ways to spend their time, such as starting a band.

9.    The Texas Tenors—They are an older trio singing group from Houston, Texas. Mixing country and classical music with their own flavor, has caused the winning over the judges and sharing their fresh new act with the entire nation.

10.    The Voices of Glory—Is a trio of harmonizing young siblings from Highland, New York.  They got their start singing in nursing homes and hospitals and have now moved their way to one of the most popular shows on television.

America’s Got Talent plays every Monday and Wednesday at 8PM.  Be sure to catch this Monday’s Final countdown…. Hopefully your favorite performer will win!


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