America’s Got Talent Standout: Mandy Harvey

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Even though there were many impressive acts on America’s Got Talent last night, including a dog who understands mathematical equations, there was one performance that stood out the most. A Singer, who lost her hearing at 18-years-old, gave an incredible performance, that received a standing ovation and the golden buzzer. Mandy Harvey, age 29, is now off to the live shows, and we are excited to see her bright future unfold.

Harvey stepped on the stage in contact with her translator who stood next to the judges. She began to share her story by communicating to the judges and was supported by her interpreter. She told the judges and audience that she lost her hearing 10 years ago, due to a connective tissue disorder. She got sick, her nerves deteriorated, and there was no cure for her. Despite this immense obstacle she faced and is still facing, she figured out how to get back into singing assisted by muscle memory, visual tuners and trusting her pitch.

Harvey sang an original song called “Try,” which reflected her experiences as a deaf singer, and she had her shoes off. Howie Mandel assumed that she had her shoes off in order to feel the beat and vibrations through her feet. This assumption was correct and Harvey said, “Yes, “I’m feeling the tempo and beat through the floor.” The song emphasized her perseverance regardless of everything she has dealt with over the past ten years.

With angelic lyrics and rhythmic singing voice, she received a standing ovation, lots of tears from the audience, judges, and her Dad in the back. She also received a golden ticket (or in this case, buzzer, which sends her straight to the live shows. Cowell said, “Mandy, I don’t think you are going to need a translator for this,” as he pushed the golden buzzer. This was probably one of the most touching moments in all of America’s Got Talent History.

We will keep you updated on more standouts during this season of America’s Got Talent. Stay tuned.

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