The new Jay Leno Show to premiere tonight

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Late night legend, Jay Leno, will launch his new show, “The Jay Leno Show,” tonight at 10pm on NBC.

Photo from DianthusMoon ia Flickr

Photo from DianthusMoon ia Flickr

After handing over The Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien earlier this year, Jay Leno is set to begin a brand new venture. His new hour long show will be both similar and different from “The Tonight Show.” Institutions such as Headlines and Jaywalking will still be featured as well as A-list guests and musical performances.

Kevin Eubanks, Leno’s go to guy for friendly banter, and the rest of the Tonight Show Band will also still be featured. New segments include Speeding Electric Cars and Stars, where Leno will race guests in electric cars, and more comedian correspondents.  There will also be only one main guest a night rather than the usual two or three. Leno will also be ditching the desk, in new format using a “conversation area” for interviews.

Jay is going to premiere the show tonight with main guest Jerry Seinfeld. Jay will also be the first to get to interview Kanye West after his controversial outburst at the MTV VMA’s as West is featured in tonight’s musical performance with Jay-Z and Rhianna. The roster was set weeks ago, so the timing of West’s outburst is incredibly good timing for Leno. Likely the show will draw even more viewers than originally thought.

Also making headlines is Rhianna; this is considered her comeback performance after the very public court case against Chris Brown. It is unfortunate to think Kanye could steel another person’s spotlight as much of the focus will likely shift to him after the incident at the VMAs yesterday.

Jay has many other big stars lined up for the shows premiere week such as Michael Moore, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, Miley Cyrus, Halle Berry, and Drew Barrymore.

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