American Horror Story: Opening Credits Released

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The only thing as creepy as a full episode of American Horror Story is the title sequence of an American Horror Story episode that plays beforehand. With the seventh season of FX’s horror anthology series debuting on Sept. 5, the title sequence finally came out. We can tell you that this title sequence is as creepy as the rest of the past seasons, and that the plot for the new season is going to keep us on our toes to say the very least.

American Horror Story’s seventh installment titled ‘The Cult’ is about the election, but we weren’t sure if it would show the faces of the presidents in the 2016 election until the opening credits were just released. Sure enough, there were creepy images of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton weaved into the opening sequence in a uniquely terrifying way. In the opening credits of the new season of AHS, blood coated people are dressed in Trump and Clinton masks. However controversial, we can tell that this season is going to be an exciting one.

In addition to the clear theme of the 2016 election in the opening credits, there were also the typical scenes of blood and gore that keep a familiar AHS audience entertained. For example, there were bugs crawling out of opened wounds and petrifying clowns are seen riding a carousel.

The opening credits also put the main characters in the spotlight by interweaving their names in capital letters between terrifying scenes. There are five significant cast members Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, Billie Lourd and Alison Pill.¬†Lena Dunham and Emma Roberts are also known to be returning to ‘AHS’ for the ‘Cult.’

Watch the opening credits below, but prepare for the hair on your arms to rise and shivers to creep up your spine. A video of the opening credits can be found on YouTube, as well as AHS’s various social media accounts.


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