Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011

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superbowl photo from calmenda via flickrSure, the Green Bay Packers won this Superbowl XLV, but it’s the commercials everyone was watching for, right? And when a 30 second ad during Superbowl XLV costs between 2.5 and 2.8 million, it’s up to top corporations to work their charm on millions of viewers at home.

What were the top three ads this year?

Car companies vied for the top two slots using both humor and a sincere appeal to American motorists to allure potential buyers to their favorites of 2011.

1.       The Force Volkswagen tops this list combining the sheer magnetism of Star Wars’ mini Darth Vader and the youthful charisma of a young child to convince audiences that this all-new 2012 Passat would draw the attention of every viewer. You can see ‘the force’ at work, winning over millions.  See it here below:

2.       Imported From Detroit Chrysler was not about to let Volkswagen take the bacon that easy, and brought it hard with rapper Eminem at the wheel of their Chrysler 200.  The infamous rap-icon represented for his manufacturing hometown in Detroit, Michigan.  With images of factory production, the American flag, and cityscapes to draw an urban appeal, this motor city ad lures with emotion to the American heartland.

See it below:

3.       The Best Part Doritos finally outs the guy who steals from the office refrigerator everyday.  This ad took hold of every foodie, fatty and just plain hungry spectator’s cravings with a hilarious commercial touting the ‘best part’ of the chip-eating experience—licking your fingers.  The popular flavored tortilla chips leave a cheesy residue on fingertips and pants that becomes the envy of the office lunchroom extremist.

See it below:

As for Worst Ads? Well, Kim Kardashian demonstrated that even her raw sex appeal cannot make the Sketchers Shape-Ups look even the least bit cute.  And STILL nobody knows what is, although a seemingly nude Danica Patrick does help peak one’s curiosity for the site.

Which ads did you like best? Or worst? And why not more humorous commercials? I’m not the only one watching the Superbowl just for laughs, right?

Photo from Calmenda via Flickr

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