Kim Kardashian and Danielle Bregoli’s “Lunch Date”

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Cash Kim Kardashian and Danielle Bregoli, outside together eating at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills. Though it might not be considered as a lunch date per se, but the two celebrities were seen together out to lunch and even took a picture together over the weekend.

Apparently, Bregoli and Kardashian were enjoying a meal just two tables away from each other over the weekend. An unnamed middle man, who was a mutual friend of both, introduced the two and they got to know one another. Kim was turning down other fans who wanted pictures with her while she was eating, but made an exception for the “cash me outside” girl who got famous after telling her personal story on Dr. Phil.

Kardashian thought that Bregoli was just another fan, but soon realized Bregoli’s identity. Bregoli was nervous about the meeting, considering she talked horribly about the Kardashians in February. To our surprise, Kim Kardashian played nice and didn’t address it. Also, Bregoli posted an Instagram picture of the two with the caption, “See, I can play nice too” complete with an angel emoji. In the photo, Kardashian threw a peace sign for the photo, and called it a day. The meeting was quickly over.

Bregoli is specifically known for her appearance on Dr. Phil, when she said the famous line, “cash me outisde,” which turned into a viral meme. On the TV show, she was seen with her mother, was labeled as a troubled teen. She was charged with grand theft auto and possession of marijuana, as well as many others.

Clearly, Bregoli and Kardashian’s diametric lives collided this past weekend, but they played nice regardless of Bregoli’s past trash talking stunt. Bregoli is expected to have a new reality tv show about her suddenly famous life attributed to the “cash me outside” meme. We will let you know the date of the premiere of her tv show when we know further details.

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