Surrogate Will Carry Kim and Kanye’s Third Child

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A source confirmed to PEOPLE that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a third child, but a surrogate will be carrying the baby. Due to Kardashian’s medical issues during her last pregnancy, this was the best option for West and Kardashian.

Specifically, Kardashian suffered from placenta accreta during her last pregnancy. Because of this condition that affects 5 percent of women, Kardashian’s placenta grew into the wall of her womb and prevented it from easily detaching at the time of birth. Despite the condition she suffered from, Kardashian and West have clarified that they still want another child, no matter how the child was brought about.

Kardashian and West went through as many procedures as it took to see if Kardashian could still become pregnant. Kardashian and West then decided that it was time to consider a surrogate, since they really wanted to have another child even though they faced these medical obstacles.

As a result to the unsafeness of having another pregnancy, Kardashian and West officially agreed to pay for a surrogate. Specifically, they agreed to paying $45,000 dollars in monthly installments. If there are more children than one, the surrogate will also receive $5k extra for each additional child. Kardashian and West also agreed to paying a $68,850 deposit in advance. If you’re interested in the full requirements, check TMZ.

Reports claim that the surrogate is already pregnant; therefore, the couple must’ve decided to go through with this decision a while back. However, we are not certain how far along the surrogate is, just yet. Additionally, no word is out about who the surrogate is, but we will let you know if Kimye decides to fess.

SD Entertainer will keep you posted regarding more details about the surrogate. Hopefully, North and Saint West are excited to have another baby sister or brother! Stay tuned.

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