Starbucks releases new green cup and people are not happy

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Halloween is over, meaning the holiday season has arrived! It’s also the time of year where people get super angry over Starbucks cup choices. Last year around this time, Starbucks changed its holiday cups so that they weren’t singling out Christmas, and people were not happy.

I guess this year they decided to make pissing people off a tradition because the popular coffee shop came out with another cup people hate.

On November 1st, Starbucks released a new green cup which featured a mosaic of hundreds of people drawn in one continuous stroke. The cup evidently is a symbol of community and how all people are connected.

“The green cup and the design represent the connections Starbucks has as a community with its partners (employees) and customers,” Chairman and CEO, Howard Schultz.

Many people mistakenly thought the newest green cup was going to be this year’s holiday cup and were extremely angry at the company. The cup apparently isn’t even the holiday cup. Last Thursday, a Starbucks employee leaked a photo of the coffee chains actual holiday cup, which hopefully no one will get angry at.

I peeked.

Many people claim that Starbucks is brainwashing people with their limited time only green cups, and that they are being robbed of their Christmas Spirit with the new design. It seems like people are spending a lot of time and effort bashing Starbucks when the actual holiday cup hasn’t even been released yet.

The bottom line here really comes down to, will the green cup stop regular customers from purchasing from Starbucks? Probably not. Does your morning coffee taste any different in a green cup? Most likely, not.

Soon this will all be over, and we will all have to wait until November of 2017 to see how Starbucks is going to make people mad next.

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