San Diego weather takes turn after gorgeous weekend

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San Diego California boasts some of the best weather in all of Southern California. Having a temperature averaging seventy degrees year around makes it one of the best places to live, especially if you love the sun and bright skies.

This past weekend the weather in San Diego was gorgeous and many locals and visitors flocked to the sunny beaches. The average temperature was near 80 on Saturday, with cooler temperatures on Sunday. The warm and sunny weather was perfect for the beach, Balboa Park, and any outdoor activities. It wasn’t too windy, and gave us a sneak preview to what summer will look and feel like.

However, starting this week, the forecast looks very gloomy. The weather isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just a little cooler, windier and cloudier than we hope for.

The temperatures for this week are looking like it will stay in mid 60s around the county. Nighttime lows will be 57 to 58 degrees. However, looking forward through this weekend there is some good news. As the week goes by, the clouds should clear up, and the days will be more sunny. The temperatures will likely stay around the mid 60s, but chances of rain dwindle into the weekend.

The clothing forecast for the week includes recommendations for jackets and sweaters. Bring your umbrella along as well because sporadic showers and mist may surprise you.

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