Dog the Bounty Hunter posts bond for Nicolas Cage

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Academy award winning actor Nicolas Cage was recently arrested in New Orleans due to public intoxication, disturbance of peace and domestic violence against his wife. He was freed yesterday being bailed out by none other than Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has stated in recent interviews that he has been a big fan of Nicolas Cage after working with him, and that the only reason why he bailed Nicolas Cage was because he was doing his duty as a bail bondsman. Dog the Bounty Hunter, who stars in his own reality show which is about his job as a bounty hunter, has been a bail bondsman before.  Dog the Bounty Hunter has decided to keep undisclosed about all subject matter pertaining to this topic because he believes that Nicolas Cage should be granted the right to his own privacy.

According to police news and statements, Nicolas Cage was heavily intoxicated when he was arguing with his wife late in the night. This argument happened around 11pm, and the police say that Cage’s behavior was out of line. Apparently Cage grabbed his wife and dragged her towards the property that he and his wife were staying at. Not only that, but it was said that Cage also started bashing other people’s cars around his area, and at one point, when Cage was in a taxi cab, it is believed that he started yelling at the police officers.

This is not Cage’s only run in with the law of late. Recently, it has been known that Nicolas Cage has been in trouble with the IRS, who claims that he owes $14 million in unpaid taxes. Also, Cage is currently in a lawsuit case against his former business manager, blaming his manager for all the IRS troubles.

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