Our dreams have come true, a cheese advent calendar has been created

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Let’s be honest, most people love advent calendars. I don’t know anything better than counting down to Christmas, and revealing a tiny surprise waiting for you each morning. Usually advent calendars contain simple toys for the kids, or a chocolate for each day until Christmas.

Now, the game is changing for all of us who prefer salty over sweet. Blogger, Annem Hobson has created a cheese advent calendar featuring 24 individually wrapped pieces of cheese to keep you happy and full during the holiday season.

Annem Hobson realized she would rather have cheese than chocolate each holiday season so she searched far and wide for a cheese advent calendar. The only thing she found was others asking the same question, and wanting the same thing.

There are advent calendars for makeup, chocolate, and even dog treats, but no cheese. Taking her cheese passion to the next level, Annem decided to take matters into her own hands and created the first ever (known) cheese advent calendar.

Don’t get too excited though, because unfortunately, there is only one prototype of the calendar, and it won’t be available until 2017 for purchase.

Annem is working out the kinks, like not having to refrigerate the cheese, and how to package it overall, but get ready people because one day, we will eat cheese every day for 25 days straight.

So far, thousands have already expressed their love for the soon-to-be product and is already featured on many news outlets.

The well-known blogger is taking time in developing possibly one of the best advent calendars in the world, so we will all wait. In the meantime, we will all just be buying an assortment of cheeses throughout this holiday season to fulfill our dreams.

Here’s an idea, send over a bottle of wine for each cheese pairing and I am sure Annem will have even more happy customers.

Check out her website on the cheese advent calendar and sign up to receive updates on when it will be released.

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