Get unlimited Frosty’s all year long with Wendy’s $2 key tag

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Great news for all of you Frosty lovers out there. Wendy’s is giving everyone the gift of unlimited Frosty’s for just two dollars. Yes, you heard that correctly, two dollars.

Starting in 2017, when you buy a $2 key tag from any Wendy’s restaurant, you will receive a free Junior Frosty with every Wendy’s purchase (as long as you show your key tag). The popular fast food chain will donate 90% of all proceeds from the $2 Frosty promotion to the Dave Thomas Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit charity to help find homes for children in foster care.

The key tags can be bought at any Wendy’s location, and they are available for  purchase at the Dave Thomas Foundation website as well.

For the rest of 2017 you can eat as many Frosty’s as you want, while simultaneously supporting a wonderful cause.

Wendy’s debuted the same promotion last year, offering the key tags for just $1. Although the price has gone up from last year’s promotion, it is still a small price to pay for unlimited Junior Frosty’s and helping kids in need.

Wendy’s website states, “This holiday season, give back to those in need with the Frosty Key Tag. For just $2, you can support a foster child waiting for their forever home while enjoying a year of free Jr Frosty® Treats. It’s a gift to yourself or a stocking stuffer for a Frosty fan in your life.”

The tags can be purchased any time between now and January 31st, and are effective until December 31st, 2017. Start purchasing your Frosty tags here.

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