Entertainer Quickies: Kardashian Cards, Michael Douglas’s cancer battle, Willie Nelson’s arrest, New York earthquake and Tom Brady’s hair

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Each week, everyday, or whenever we feel like it, SD Entertainer will bring you stories that have America buzzing. Read on for today’s installment of Entertainer Quickies:

Kardashian Credit Cards

Photo by Luke Ford.

I hope you didn’t get one of those “Kardashian Kards.” The pre-paid credit card is adorned with a picture of the three Kardashian sisters posing voluptuously with tanned skin and gleaming-white teeth. But that’s not the problem. The problem is what’s behind the card: Hidden fees and preposterous charges. Perhaps a more accurate image for the card would be that of a greedy banker rubbing his fingers with your money.

Cigarette Restrictions

Speaking of more accurate images for a product, June 22 of 2011 will see a law passed earlier this year effectively paste discouraging photographs on packs of cigarettes. The images will show cancer-ridden people, dead bodies and kids who’ve been subject to second-hand smoke. You know, just the sort of pictures that would stress you out enough to make you want a cigarette.

Willie Nelson Arrested

Photo by Bob Jagendorf.

…Or in Willie Nelson’s case, a joint. The country singer was arrested by federal border patrol agents at a checkpoint in Texas last Friday for having six ounces of marijuana on his tour bus. What? Nelson allows weed on his tour bus? I’m so shocked I could giggle profusely and eat up everything in my pantry.

Michael Douglas Cancer News

In other news, it appears as though we won’t see millionaire actor Michael Douglas on a cigarette carton anytime soon; he has reportedly completed chemo and radiation treatment for throat cancer and looks much healthier.

New York Earthquake

Michael Douglas is great to hear, but it isn’t earth-shaking news like what happened in New York this morning. A 3.9 magnitude earthquake rattled the area and was the largest tremor in 18 years for the region – apparently it shook parts of New England, too.

Photo by Denis Laflamme.

Tom Brady’s hair

I wonder if New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady felt the quake. Either way, I’m sure Brady felt the insult a New York Jets player made about his long hair recently: “That long stuff that Tom has going on – that ain’t happening,” Damien Woody said.

Brady has been receiving criticism as abundant as the locks draped under his helmet. Some critics of Brady have gone so far as to call the look “girlish.”

But I, for one, won’t question Brady’s manhood until he starts endorsing UGGs.

Wait. He actually is endorsing UGGs?


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